Thursday, June 18, 2009

If I Had 24 Hours to Live

- Spend the rest of the night (as everyone is sleeping right now) getting as much of my screenplay done as I can, and detail the rest, and give it to one of my friends to finish for me, and make a goodbye post to OT!

- Drive down to the beach and have a sunrise breakfast in Newport Beach with my parents, and my grandparents.

- Go to church and make my peace with God. I pray every night, but don't exactly lead the perfect Christian lifestyle.

- Call my friends/family who aren't in the area and say my goodbyes

- Will all of my assets to the only girl that I have ever loved.

- Have lunch at King Taco

- Go skydiving in the afternoon. Someone better go with me.

- Have dinner at Benihana or some type of cool restaurant like that, with my close friends, have a feast, and drink some scotch.

- Head down to the Dodgers-Angels game, and hopefully watch the Dodgers pull one out as I pass on to the next life.

1 comment:

  1. just read for approx. 41 minutes to go through this whole thing. marc lets go skydiving.