Monday, June 1, 2009

MLB Predictions made on May 1.

Whoops I think I got a little bit too excited about the Marlins. I still love their pitching and Josh Johnson is THE TRUTH, but yea I went a bit overboard there.

Well Ladies and Gentlemen,

The first month of baseball has concluded, and boy what a month it was. It began with a horrible tragedy that reminded us all, that when you drink, please please please designate a driver. RIP Nick Adenhart you will always be remembered.

AL MVP: Zack Greinke. I know some of you never give this award to a pitcher, but he’s leading not only the AL, but all of baseball, in the triple crown categories, and has the Royals in first place in the AL Central. This year’s Josh Hamilton, I cannot wait to see him pitch in Anaheim next weekend.

NL MVP: Albert Pujols. The best player in the game, and arguably the best hitter of this generation, is off to a torrid start and has the Cardinals in 1st place, and the best record in baseball.

AL Cy Young: Greinke.

NL Cy Young: Johan Santana. The best pitcher in the game over the last 5 years, is off to a tremendous start again, leading the NL in ERA, and K’s.

Biggest Surprise: (TIE) Florida Marlins and Toronto Blue Jays. Don’t expect the Jays to stay atop the AL East for very long. A decimated pitching staff, and a lineup full of players who are currently playing well beyond their potential will bring them back to earth, esp. with A Rod returning shortly. The Marlins on the other hand, do have the chance to stay atop or at least in contention late into the season. While they will experience some growing pains with all their young stars, and their bullpen situation is an absolute mess, their SP depth, led by Josh Johnson, combined with Cole Hamels’ injury, and the Mets beginning their collapse early this year, has me believing the Marlins might actually win the East.

Biggest Disappointment: New York Mets. So they fixed their one weakness, by signing Putz and Krod, but now their SP behind Johan has been abysmal, David Wright is striking out more often than I strike out with women, and the entire team outside of Johan is just out of sync. Their offense will turn it around, but if they can’t start getting QS out of their SP’s, the toll of their bullpen will begin to show, and they could inexplicably miss the playoffs AGAIN!

My Up to Date MLB Playoff Predictions

AL East: New York Yankees. Arod is coming back, Sabathia and Teixiera always start slow, and Phillip Hughes may finally be healthy for a whole season. As much as I hate them, the Evil Empire is going to win 100 games this season.

AL Central: Minnesota Twins. I’m sticking with my preseason prediction. In this wide open division, the Twins’ plethora of solid young arms, Mauer’s reurn, a steady dose of high upside young talent, and a lights out closer makes them my favorite over the again White Sox.

AL West: Anaheim Angels. Their SP’s are all coming back, they will right the bullpen situation, and their offense is en fuego. More importantly, this is a truly terrible division, where the Angels will probably be the only team to finish above .500.

AL Wild Card: Boston Red Sox. Way too much explosiveness throughout the lineup. Jason Bay WILL have an MVP caliber season. They do need Dice K to come back and be effective, as their SP has been shaky, and they really need Masterson back in the pen.

NL East: Philadephia Phillies if Cole Hamels can stay healthy. Florida Marlins if not. Read above for my take on the Marlins. The Phillies are going to set records for runs scored this year, but really need Hamels to bring some stability to a very unstable rotation.

NL Central: Chicago Cubs. The Cards are off to a great start, and I think the balance in their rotation will keep them close, but the Cubs are way too complete of a team to lose the division.

NL West: Los Angeles Dodgers. Still some major concerns about the back end of their rotation, and their bullpen, but with Webb out for at least another month, and the Giants’ anemic offense and shaky pen, the Dodgers are the class of the NL West.

NL Wild Card: St. Louis Cardinals. The Marlins, Mets, and Phillies are going to beat up on each other, and the Cards will have 2 very bad, and 2 mediocre teams to beat up on in the Central. Pujols and Ludwick are one of the best 1-2 combo’s in baseball, and they will win the wild card, despite LaRussa’s ineptness.

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