Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Best of the Best: Streets Edition

Leffingwell Road: fuck la habra/central/state college/city dr. Leffingwell is the nuts, a great shortcut to get to Imperial, home to puffy taco, and just a cool chillax street to drive down.

Telegraph Rd: Because the name is awesome, because it is home to Candlewood, an In'N'Out (well kind of), a billion other fast food joints, Commerce Casino, and a million great and awful drives home from Commerce and Hawaiian Gardens.

Bastanchury Rd.: First off, because the name Bastanchury just sounds great. Second, because it's a nice shortcut to CSUF, and miss all the Imperial traffic. Home to Coyote Hills, the Summit House, and many many drives home.

Idaho Rd: Because the drive between Imperial and Rosecrans is pure awesomness.

Culver: Because 2 am drives down Culver were the nuts. 2pm drives, not so much.

PCH: Despite the traffic, it's still sf amazing to drive down this street at sunset.

West Road: Because it's where I really learned how to drive.

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