Thursday, July 23, 2009

My "On Paper Soulmate"

Well it is emo week here at TDMOM1313, so I'm gonna post woman fail stories until I get this emoness out of me.

The Setting: A few months ago at Cal State Fullerton's Titan Student Union.

Ok it's a Thursday night, and I have class at 7, and the Dodgers are in Houston, so the game starts at 5. I wanted to watch some of the game before class, so I get there around 5, to watch the game at the Round Table in the TSU, because they have a bunch of big screens, food, and usually some other people to watch the game with. I order my food, sit down, and find that all the TV's are on some college hoops game, so I go over to the guy I ordered food from, and ask if he could change one of the tv's to the Dodger game.

As he starts flipping around, this girl sitting behind me, says "They're on the MLB network tonight, so I don't think they're going to have it here." I turn around, and see this very beautiful woman about my age, and ask "Aww really, damn how did I not know that?" The guy finishes checking, can't find the game, and I thank him for his efforts as he walks away. The girl, lets call her "Emily", goes on about how she watches every Dodger game, and I ask if I may sit with her at her table, and she says of course. Just the setting, and the way in which we met, felt like a dream, or something out of some cheesy romantic comedy. My heart skips a beat, and for the first time in a longtime, I am really hopeful that something good might happen here.

She then offers to track the game with me, on her MLB GameTracker (to those of you who play Fantasy Baseball, you know how invaluable and addicting gametrackers are), and I'm starting to think to myself, now this is the perfect woman (looks, educated, and loves baseball especially the Dodgers). We get to talking, and she is finishing up her undergrad work at CSUF, so she's only a couple of years younger than me, if that, and a diehard Dodger fan. I sort of "quiz" her, to see how big of a fan she really is, and her knowledge is absolutely disgusting. I've never met a girl who knew so much about baseball, but not just that she was really cool, and easy to talk to.

So after about an hour goes by, I get up to leave, but obviously want to ask her out/see her again, and there was no ring, and she didn't mention a boyfriend, so I said: "Hey I just want to say that you are really awesome. Would you like to go out sometime, maybe go to a game or something?" She kind of pauses (obviously searching for a nonoffensive rejection), and says, "Well umm why don't you leave me your number, and maybe we can come back here and watch a game sometime." I obviously know she is never going to call, but still hold out some hope. I drive around Fullerton for the next 40 minutes or so, talking and screaming at myself trying to figure out how I messed up. I mean on paper, we were absolutely perfect for each other.

Well of course she never called, but the week of finals, on that Thursday, the crazy delusional romantic in me decided that I had to go back to the same place, in the desperate hope that she would somehow be there. When I got there, and she wasn't there, I had a mini meltdown and got a lot of really weird looks, but hey I always get those anyways, so whatever. Moral of the story: Round Table sucks, it really does.

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