Monday, September 7, 2009

Being Single vs. Being in a Relationship

I will not offer my own opinion, but merely break down the pros/cons of each side of the coin for guys only (WTF you honestly expected me to do a write up on the life of single women, if I understood them at all, I'd be out banging one of them right now), and let the readers decide.

Single Life Pros
- You get to have sex with whoever you want
- Being able to openly talk about hot chicks with your guy friends, w/o having to worry about your woman scolding/getting pissed off at you
- You can say/do insane stupid shit, w/o having to worry about your woman getting all P/O ed.
- Freedom to do what you want when you want, and not having to do stupid woman activities.

Single Life Cons
- Sleeping with whoever you want may result in you getting teh AIDS
- Holy crap this is uber ghey, but sometimes you want that "connection" that all of your relationship friends have. A sort of emptiness in your life so to speak.
- Not having someone watching/judging you to make sure that you don't do insane crazy stupid shit that you later regret.
- Trying to pick up single chicks is NOT easy, especially for the unattractive mother fuckers among us.

Relationship Pros
- Having that special someone and a sense of stability in your life
- Sex with a chick you obv. find attractive on a regular basis
- Someone that you can ALWAYS talk to about any and everything.
- Being loved truly and deeply by someone that you deeply care about as well.

Relationship Cons
- Having to do all sorts of dumb shit for her
- Dealing with crazy ass mood swings, that time of the month, and other times where those women go off and start talking crazy fucking talk.
- Not being able to hit on any other women, unless you feel like getting your ass kicked
- Going to chick flicks, operas, and other girly activities that make you want to stab kittens

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