Thursday, September 24, 2009

Time to Make Up...

for super homo emo posts last night. After all the love people have been giving TDMOM1313 lately, you were "rewarded" with that whiny garbage. Sigh let's start the night off with things that are so refreshing:

- getting a haircut meaning no messing around with the hair for at least a couple of weeks
- a full tank of gas. Damn you Ryan and you're run it until the line is on the E policy, that's like 3 tanks in a row that I've run down about as far as they can go
- narrowly missing crashing into a parked car while checking out the SUUPER hot chick in the car next to me
- blogging instead of studying for my saturday morning exam in my online course. sigh have yet to open the book yet (although I'm somewhat familiar with the material already from prior courses). Tomorrow is gonna be a LONG DAY!
- The Dodgers whittling their magic number down to 4
- Two more days until college football saturdays
- Three more days until NFL Sunday and PuntingIsWinning vs. The hakeem hicks

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