Sunday, October 25, 2009

Here's an Idea

In the Olympics, they always have a 3rd place game for the bronze medal, so how about Frank McCourt and Arte Moreno get together and have a 7 game series for right to be I don't want to say the 3rd place team, but let's call it the West Coast Championship. The two teams split the season series 3-3, so it should be a competitive series, every game would sell out for sure bringing the owners more money, we will get to see more baseball, and finally settle once and for all who the best L.A. team is!

As for the players, well they fucking owe it to us. The Dodgers and Angels are 2 of the top 3 teams in ticket sales season after season, we support our teams, and deserve this freeway series. They also owe it to us because:

Dodgers- didn't show up to games 3 and 5, had a general lethargic attitude the whole series, the batters consistently had terrible at-bats and couldn't come through in the clutch, and our pitchers couldn't throw the fucking baseball over home plate.

Angels- for their horrendous baserunning blunders and sloppy defense (generally a staple of Angels teams) that ultimately did them in and cost them the series. Feel free to rant further Angels fans about your team's performance, we all know how pissed I still am and will continue to be all offseason about the Dodgers'.

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