Monday, October 26, 2009

Man Law #18

Treat all women with love and respect. While they might be a little crazy at times, and we can never understand them and why they do the things that they do, they're still great, and we are lost and helpless without them. You are NEVER allowed to hit a woman out of anger, unless you want to get a visit from an insane crazy 3 iron wielding Asian. You are also NEVER allowed to cheat on your significant other, and if you do. God I hate those fuckheads who fuck shit up for the rest of us. For all the grief that I give my female friends, and for all the misogynistic posts here, umm like see the post directly below this one, the one thing that I just do NOT tolerate EVER is violence against women, and guys who cheat on their girls. Just makes me sick to my stomach, pisses me the fuck off, and makes me want to beat the shit out of some fools.

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