Friday, October 23, 2009

Nonline of the Day

"What's wrong with being ghey?" - Bartender at fuck I forgot the name of that place by Angel Stadium.

Is it just me, or are teh gheys multiplying and expanding their fruity wings these days. Christ that was such an uncomfortable moment, and actually now that I think about it, I don't think he spoke two words to us after that, I mean shit I wasn't trying to be offensive.

Rant on people's oversensitivity: This country as a whole has been pussified to a degree that I can no longer tolerate. People breaking down crying, and suing each other because they inflicted "emotional damage or distress" because they used an unkind word. Jesus Christ people, they're just words, if someone walked up to me and said "Fuck you Jap" I'd be pissed, and probably want to fight the fucker, but then I'd be over it. They're just words, stop being a bitch, man up, and move on. There are so many bigger problems in this world: hunger, disease, genocide, war, murder, rape, etc. etc. and it just disgusts me when people call the fucking PC police, and make a national case of it everytime somebody uses a "derogatory term". Just another reason why I don't watch the news.


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