Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ranking the Star Wars Episodes

WARNING *SPOILERS* In case you're one of the 5 English speaking people in this country who haven't seen Star Wars.

#6- Episode I. Not good. Jar Jar Binks was the worst character in movie history, and just an epic letdown.

#5- Episode II. Not as bad as Episode I, but still not very memorable. The dialogue between Anakin and Padme was awful (man Lucas is as bad at writing romantic scenes as I am in real life).

#4 Episode III. Didn't really dig the first half of the movie, but the second half was amazing. The dual fights lightsaber battles between Anakin and Obiwan and Yoda and the Emperor were great, and the last 5 minutes were epic (one of the best movie going experinces of my life...midnight showing obviously).

#3 Episode VI. Perfect ending to the original trilogy, great scenes at the end. I am definitely pro-Ewok fwiw, but the movie was kind of slow at parts, I hated the Jabba the Hut scenes, although Princess Leia in the gold bikini is definitely SUPER HOT!

#2 Episode V. Would be number 1, except I did not like the Battle of Hoth. Still some amazing scenes, great effects, the Millenium Falcon chase has to be one of the coolest movie scenes ever filmed, and we are introduced to the greatness that is Yoda, as well as Boba Fett.

#1 Episode IV. Because it's the one that started it all. Because the original Death Star was so much sicker than the second one. Because Han and Leia are so great together. Because Han Solo coming back is just so fucking awesome. Because it had to be amazing watching the original when nobody really knew what was going on. Well done Mr. Lucas, so refreshing and original. Finally, because the first time you saw the opening crawl, and heard the Darth Vader intro. song has to be up there with the first time you heard the Beatles.

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