Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Coolest Wedding Idea Ever!!!

Some might call this idea lame and corny, I prefer to use the terms awesome, original, and something my kind of girl would insta call on.

If I were to ever get married, which I'm not for a whole shit load of reasons already discussed at length, this is how I would do it. Got the idea after watching Two and a Half Men the other night, like I said this shit just comes to me, and hopefully this post pulls me out of my slump: (feel free to steal my idea if you want, because it is just so much awesome):

The Setting: The home stadium of your favorite baseball team.

The officiant: Is dressed in a full umpire's uniform, with his script being written out on a lineup card.

The other people in the ceremony: Are dressed as players of course.

Idea #1: The groom is dressed up in costume as a giant baseball glove, the bride is adds red stripes to her dress, so that she looks like a giant baseball, and she walks from the mound to home plate, so that the groom can "catch" her. God that's so awesome, I love it, although if I may make a polite suggestion to all groom, I would HIGHLY recommend a passed ball.

Idea #2: In breaking with tradition, the father of the bride does not walk "down the aisle" with the bride, but after 8.1 scoreless innings, he is tired and need of relief. The bride, as the "manager" (because lets face it, after today men, she's going to be managing every aspect of your life whether you like it or not) comes out from the dugout, and signals to the bullpen, where the groom runs in, the father or starting pitcher goes out to a standing ovation from the crowd for a job well done, and the marriage is done on the pitchers mound.

OMG I cannot believe how fucking awesome these ideas are. I am OFFICIALLY BACK after a week long hiatus of I don't know what the fuck happened, but tonight's posts will not disappoint. Well if you are an attractive single female, and you dig either of these ideas, PLEASE for the love of God call me. If, however, you are in any way sane, hey women, at least no matter what crazy shit your significant others suggest, it won't be more ridiculous than this bullshit of a crazy delusional sports nut. Thank me later guys.

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