Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday in Review

- In case you haven't heard, CHIEFS WIN!
- The time period of 1:00PM PST to 1:25 PM PST was insane chaos, as SIX of the morning games came down to the final 2 minutes, and three of those games were decided on the final play of the game.
- The entire AFC North lost today, all in games that came down to the final 2 minutes. Just when I finally became a believer in the Bengals, they lay an egg against the Raiders, who actually have a chance to finish the season respectfully, now that they have FINALLY benched JaMarcus Russell.
- Wow Jay Cutler is LOL bad. Actually make that the entire Bears offense. Can't believe how far Matt Forte has fallen this season, and Memo to Bears OC: Get the football to Johnny Knox however you can, he is your best player and needs to get more touches.
- A couple of potentially huge injuries to keep an eye on, as Ben Roethisberger and Kurt Warner were both knocked out of the game today. David Garrard is probably the best waiver wire add if you own either of them, and fear they might miss a game or two, as he gets the generous pass defense of the Niners next week. Matthew Stafford isn't a terrible one week add either, as he gets the very injury plagued Packers defense who lost two more starters to injury this week. The Lions also figure to be down big early, and will probably be throwing a lot, so Stafford is the add in deeper leagues.
- I and all other Pierre Thomas owners are beginning to loathe the name: Mike Bell. Thomas continually drives the Saints all the way down the field, only to see Bell get the one yard goal line touches. Such epic bullshit.
- Bill Belichick is such a piece of shit. Throwing bombs up by 17 points with a minute left in the game is about as classless as you can get. Seriously hope that the Pats lose every game from here to eternity, and my hatred for them is approaching Cowboys/Raiders/Chargers level of hatred.
- Man the Colts are sickos, and I have no idea why Willis McGahee is getting goal line touches ahead of Ray Rice. That epic buffonery cost the Ravens the game.
- Saints might be sicker, and that Monday night game next week against the Pats is going to be fun fun fun hella fun to watch.
- My God the Washington Redskins did everything that they could to lose that game. Dallas' D is great, and Bobby Carpenter and Theo Ratliff are absolute monsters this year, but holy hell Deadskins please suck worse. Ohh and just because it won't get old, LOL Roy Williams.
- Chargers look great and unbeatable and despite Indy's perfect record, the Chargers might be playing the best football in the AFC right now. Of course, that being said, they'll probably, hopefully lay an egg against the Chiefs next week.

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