Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Grammatical Errors

in this blog have reached an unacceptable level. When readers are actually commenting about being annoyed by the grammatical errors (you know who you are), that's when you know it's an issue.

Problem #1: Google does spell check but no grammar check, as many of the problems are word usage problems.

Problem #2: I type these things so insanely fast, as the ideas just come to me, that mistakes are going to be made, and I'm a "hunt and peck" user, I don't type "the right way".

Problem #3: I might glance over posts for content, but rarely do grammar checks, which is odd since I almost always seem to nitpick others' grammar/spelling errors.

Anyways, to the grammar Nazi readers, and I know there are at least a couple of you, my heartfelt condolences at the pain that you have to endure every time you see word usage errors, subject/verb issues, and worse, for both our sakes I will try and do better.

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