Sunday, December 6, 2009

Movie Review: 2012

Blurb Review because it just seems more appropriate given the nature and content of my review.

- Thoroughly entertaining from start to finish, but not at the expense of character development, which was actually pretty good for a suspense/action movie

- Ridiculously unbelievable and there were quite a few times where I just wanted to burst out laughing at how implausible things were

- The CGI was pretty damn, no really damn good, and some of the scenes were just wow amazing

- Some pretty lame political humor. LOL politics

- Long, very long, and somewhat dragged out, but the special effects are so awesome that you don't care.

- More on the characters: strongly developed, you really start to care about them, and a few of them were actually multi-layered which isn't easy to find in disaster films. Solid cast and solid acting all around.

- Biggest complaint= Only one F bomb, and no female nudity

- Grade: B

- Straight men should definitely make their women go see it as punishment for suffering through New Moon. Gheys and women should probably avoid, as there isn't a whole lot here that you will enjoy.

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