Monday, December 7, 2009

NFL Week 13 Review

An insane weekend of football, filled with plenty of upsets ranging from the mild to the OMFG WTF upsets?!

- Another 4 turnover, 30+ point blowout loss for the Chiefs. For all their problems, coming into last week's game they had a +3 turnover margin for the season, and it sure wasn't because of their defense. Matt Cassel was painfully bad (11 for 30 for 84 yards, 0TD's and 2INT's + a fumble) When you're a young, struggling offense, ball security is paramount to your success, and the last 2 weeks, we, yes WE (seriously getting pissed off with everyone telling me I'm not a real Chiefs fan, or Why am I a Chiefs fan? I don't give anybody else shit about their teams, so let me be miserable if I want to be) have turned the football over 8 times, which you just cannot do in the NFL. Our defense surrendering over 250 rushing yards didn't help either. We get Buffalo at home next week, so a win is definitely possible if we can hold onto the football. A 5 win season would not be that terrible, and if we draft right the next couple of season, I can see us winning the division 2-3 years from now.

- LOL Shaun Suisham. You are a very good NFL kicker, but I don't know how you can look your team in the face after flat out missing a 30 yarder to seal the game. It also boggles by my mind how Robert Meachem got so disturbingly wide open on the game tying TD with a minute left in the game. Just another 4th quarter collapse for what a respectable Redskins team that is setting records for finding new ways to epic fail in the 4th quarter.

- Major LOL Pittsburgh Steelers! Troy Polamalu should win Defensive Player of the Year, as I just can't imagine a player who has more impact on his team. Surrendering 300+ yards to the Bruce Gradkowski led Oakland passing attack, including 2 TD's in the last 5 minutes to lose your team the game= you borderline have to be trying to lose. 4 straight losses for the Steelers to pretty much knock them out of playoff contention.

- Colts stay unbeaten. Yawn. Just another 270 yard 1 TD, 0INT game from Peyton Manning, and another 100+ yard game from Chris Johnson. 3 Vince Young turnovers did in the Titans, who moved the ball well but kept stalling in the red zone.

- What a comeback for the Dolphins and Chad Fucking Henne! Rallying from a 14 point deficit against Tom Terrfic with a LOL receiving core, Henne put his team and the Jets within one game of the now very vulnerable and mediocre Patriots for the AFC East title.

- My God did the Arizona Cardinals put on a show on Sunday Night Football. Their offensive line completely shut down Jared Allen and the Williams wall, giving Kurt Warner plenty of time to find Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin who absolutely shredded the Vikings secondary. But the story of the game was Arizona's defense, which aside from a few meltdown games this year, has been the league's most underrated group. Holding Adrian Peterson to 19 rushing yards yes 1-9 is something that a Pro Bowl defense couldn't do. They also forced Favre's first multi-INT game of the season, and given their streaky nature, may be the only team that can prevent a Minnesota-New Orleans NFC title game.

- My man crush on Aaron Rodgers continues to grow, and the Packers with their turnover-inducing defense and potent passing attack continue to be the Wild Card team that nobody is going to want to face.

- Now the blurb you've all been waiting for: Man is the NFC East fun to track each and every week. All year long the momentum swings have been crazy, and it took another one this weekend. The Eagles dismantled the Ryan/Turner less Falcons, and the Giants won a hard fought game in the Meadowlands, that one could argue was single handedly lost by Marion Barber. In addition to only gaining 36 yards on 15 carries, he had the key fumble that led to a Giants TD, and changed the entire momentum of the game, as well as the division. Seriously GFY X 2894989849 Marion Barber for an entire season of failure - Angry Marion Barber fantasy owner. The Cowboys are really missing Marc Columbo, and the road ahead is not going to be easy with the Chargers and Saints coming up next. I still like the Eagles to ship the division, but who knows what's going to happen, just going to enjoy the ride.

Fantasy Blurbs:

-League A: Barring an INSANE point differential in next week's games, I all but clinched 1st place in the regular season with another 100+ point day, with steady performances across the board. Get to sit back and relax next week, and watch the 3 way tie for the 4th and final playoff spot next week, get decided, to see who my semifinal opponent is going to be. Mission #1 accomplished, but it don't mean a thing without the ring, because I don't play for no fucking 2ND PLACE!

-League B: My team is just LOL Bad, but I still would have made the playoffs if I had won out. Unfortunately, I was mercifully eliminated Losing Michael Turner to injury really hurt, having Matt Schaub miss the 1st half of the game didn't help, but drafting Marion Barber with my 2nd round pick is what did me in. Seriously thank you for an entire season of failure, and single handedly costing me a couple of wins. This league has been a learning experience though, as I made 10 seasons worth of mistakes in it, especially in the draft, and this losing experince should make me better in the future.

- Best of luck to everyone in the fantasy playoffs whether they start this or next week. It should be a fun month.

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