Saturday, January 2, 2010

Josh McDaniels: Egomaniacal Douchebag OR Mad Genius?

- Two days before the Broncos must-win game against the Chiefs, he benches all-World WR Brandon Marshall and stud TE Tony Scheffler for conduct detrimental to the team. Both are sure to be gone after this year, and this also leaves the Broncos with 3 healthy WR's for the game on Sunday, not that it should matter, because it's the Chiefs. Just give Knowshown the rock and watch the scoreboard light up.

- I can definitely see and understand the argument against McDaniels. DON'T Bench your studs! Including Cutler, he will now have in effect run his two best offensive players out of town. This might also deter some big name primadonna free agents from signing with the Broncos because they don't want to play for a coach like this, preferring pushover coaches who will let them run the show. Are you listening Brad Childress?

- Still, I love this move. It's not about him, it's about sending a message, and changing the culture of the organization. Clearly Denver had a culture problem towards the end of Shanahan's reign, and McDaniels is trying to change that. It's not like Denver was an elite team with Cutler and Marshall anyways. If you look at the three most successful franchises of the past decade, the Patriots, Colts, and Steelers, all three are no nonsense organizations that don't tolerate this type of nonsense. Mike Singletary humiliated Vernon Davis last season by sending him to the showers, but it woke him up, Singletary got him to buy into his system, and Davis has exploded into the league's best TE this season. Obviously this doesn't mean that the Broncos will meet the same fate, but I think it's a step in the right direction. Get players that will buy into your system, and play to WIN, and nothing else, and success should follow you.

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  1. He is a mad genius, if his goal was how do I make sure my team doesn't make the playoffs. He has proven to be another bust of a coach from NE.