Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Moderator's Sweet One-Liner

My women fail stories have been well-documented on here, but here was a nice little one-liner that I pulled off the other night, that I was kind of proud of, mostly because it just came to me, and because for once in my fucking life, I was cool and collected around chicks, and didn't freak the fuck out.

Alright so as was kind of mentioned in a prior post, these three chicks just pulled me aside and started flirting with me. The conversation was going well, when the drunk one said:

"If I were a little bit drunker, I would totally fuck you", to which I replied,

"Well, can I buy you another drink?" but like in a non creepy way.

We all got a pretty damn good laugh out of that, plus ohh yea I taught them my new form of greeting: fist bump + blow it up + high five, it's pretty fucking awesome, you should try it some time. Seriously can't tell you how much confidence this encounter gave me, perhaps the tide is turning for the moderator. Obviously I'm not good-looking, rich, or a complete and total douchebag which seems to be the three times of guys that women like, so my only chance is to be the funny guy.

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