Monday, January 11, 2010

The Perfect Bar

- preferably has a 100%/0% female to male ratio, well at least until I come in
- average looking, friendly female bartenders...hawt bartenders are liable to end up with all of my money before i even get drunk
- has a good mix of music, mostly hip hop for dancing purposes, but plays "Sweet Caroline" once an hour
- a solid mix of women, both by age and race, and even looks scale. some nights the hawt 20 somethings are your target, but other nights you might want the experience of a cougar who is more liable to appreciate your attention/company, and finally it's always good to know that when you strike out with the hotties, there's the homely chicks to fall back on
- has an electric live feel to it, but isn't too loud. nothing worse than having to shout at someone an inch away from you
- has karaoke nights

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