Sunday, January 24, 2010

Peyton Manning Is Not a Real Person

- Facing the #1 ranked Jets defense that completely shut down the Chargers explosive balanced attack, #18 just shredded the Jets for 377 yards, 3TD's and 0INT's. Most of the damage was done by Haitian born Pierre Garcon, and the stormin Mormon Austin Collie, but Wayne and Clark each made a couple big plays each.

- The Jets did what they always do, and blitzed all night, which works 99% of the time, but not against Peyton Manning. He diagnosed their blitzes at the line of scrimmage, and dumped off quick slants, quick outs, and burned the Jets vaunted D for big play after big play in what considering the stakes and the opponent, was the best quarterbacked game I have ever seen.

- The Colts D stepped it up big time as well, and despite allowing a couple HUGE plays early, locked down Thomas Jones in the 2nd half, and kept the Jets D out on the field for what seemed like an eternity.

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