Thursday, January 21, 2010

Revisiting the Macarena

- The undisputed greatest 1 hit wonder of all-time
- This was seriously the only song that played on the radio for what seemed like the entire time I was in middle school, and I absolutely hated it. This song was one of the major reasons why I flat out did not like music until high school, never listened to the radio, never watched MTV, just hated music.
- The craze over the song was unreal. One of the weirdest most insane crazy cultural fads of the decade, and I randomly remembered it just now, and the first time through, thought: Hey this isn't so bad, a couple of the chicks in the music video are kind of cute, why did I hate it so much?
- Then I listened to it again, and all those feelings of hate came storming back. Seriously, listen to the song all the way through, and like me you will probably want to stab yourself in the face. Just the epitome of Please Shut the Fuck Up! Really not catchy, 90% of hip hop songs are better dancing music than this, and I still don't know how it got so big.

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