Thursday, May 6, 2010

An Argument In Favor of Giving Up

- I'm picky, and hawt chicks are not going to be digging me, so why even bother

- 15% of people never get married, and I'm probably somewhere in the bottom 15% of guys attractiveness wise. If that doesn't bury me, then my off-the-wall personality sure will. While I make for a great friend, and in all honesty would be a great boyfriend, no chick is going to give me that chance, because lets face it, what self-respecting woman would want to be seen in public with me?

- Strip Clubs are Fucking Awesome

- Giving Up= never experiencing anymore heartache and any more anguish...just enjoy my beer, my baseball, and my strippers from here until eternity, and be happy

- This blog will remain eternally awesome so long as there's no chick scrambling my fucking brains fucking shit up

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