Thursday, May 6, 2010

An Argument In Favor of Not Giving Up

- "The One" may still be out there. Someone who can make me truly and eternally happy. Someone whose love for the Dodgers and baseball is second only to their love for me.

- Chasing after a woman is fun at times, and the thrill of "falling in love" is something that I would love to experience

- Strip Clubs are awesome, but at the same time depressing (sometimes) and deep down, I've always wanted to meet that special someone with whom I shared a special connection.

- Would be great to have someone to share my life, my highs/lows, my emotions with, and that special girl who just "gets me", and doesn't care that I'm ugly, have low self-esteem, and am really fucking weird, because she just loves me for who I am, and I do in return.

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