Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Mrs. O!

- Thank you to my first and most loyal reader
- Wishing you an awesome wine filled day, and I guess since it's your day, I'll root for an Angels win this one time.
- You deserve a medal for putting up with that daughter of yours for 22 years. I've discovered that 2-3 hours= marc1313's time limit with her before I want to stab myself in the face, so I can't even imagine how you feel?
- Edit: Heather is a wonderful and fantastic human being! Being blessed with her birth must have been the most amazing honor of your entire life, and becoming friends with her has been the greatest joy of my life!
- You and Mr. O deserve infinity million medals for allowing said daughter to marry my extremely homosexual best friend. I mean I love the guy in a non homo way, but I would NEVER let any daughter of mine marry that guy. I mean, he KISSED A GUY! Plus anyone who's best friends with me has to earn at least some super sketchy points, right?

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