Sunday, May 30, 2010

How I Met My Future Wife

Ok this post will be sort of a culmination of all of my crushes/romances and friendships of the past. I've been drinking, so if this is nonsensical, ask for clarification the next time I see you, and I will be happy to oblige. Based off of the show "How I Met Your Mother".

Season 1= The story begins in my Freshman English class, where I "fall for" this chick let's call her "Robin". Despite the fact that Robin and I have nothing in common, I long for and pine over her for two and a half years, for reasons that are still unknown. Finally, I ask her out to the Winter Formal dance. At said dance, I basically serve as the official photographer of the dance, and am embarrassed and hurt when she seems to be ashamed to dance with me, and sort of rushes out when the last song is played. Still there is some hope, and in the Season Finale= I ask her out for a 2nd date and...

Season 2= She politely declines my invite. Devastation and depression ensues for a couple of episodes until our hero notices a girl who has always been "there", but he has never really gotten to know. She helps the hero get over his previous crush, makes him feel better about himself, and treats him like the greatest guy in the world. He has feelings for her, but is afraid of getting hurt, and in the season finale: Last day of high school, and despite all his feelings, fails to ask her out. They part not to see each other again for a while.

Season 3= I enter the religious phase of my life. With the girl from season 2 still in my mind, in a Christian Club I meet a chick (lets call her "Jennifer") that I have a chemistry with, and who seems interested in me. For a couple of months we share our stories, and bond over sports games, group meetings, and sharing in our faith. In the series finale I show up to her door with all the necessary ingredients to cook dinner. She opens the door and her boyfriend that she had somehow forgot to mention in the previous few months opens the door. They tell me thanks, but they had already made dinner. I sit in awkward silence for a while, trying to be polite. Shortly after, my faith is weakened, and I become "morally opposed" to cooking. The rest of season 3 focuses on the friendships that our hero picks up along the way that will come into play in season 5: in addition to the guy friends he has had all along, specifically the girlfriend/later wife of his best friend, and a friend from grad school.

Season 4= Our hero delves into a state of depression/alcoholism/strip club addiction, but is always kept up by his friends, especially his best friend, and the memories of the girl from season 2. He by chance runs into the girl from season 2, and discovers that she is happily married with a child. He is devastated and depressed, but still happy that she has found her happiness in life. He prays on a regular basis for God to give her all of his happiness, and give him all of her misery and heartache. While the thoughts of and memories of her keep him strong on some dark nights, he is not in a good place, and drowning in a pool of self-hatred and misery.

Season 5= I meet an amazing girl who has much in common with me, and has a chemistry with me that I can't describe in words. My "anti-cooking" stance becomes a key starting point of our relationship hence bringing season 3 back into the picture. We flirt, we have a connection, and all signs point towards a blossoming relationship. The hero asks her out, but she has a b/f. A year later she is newly single, and their relationship grows stronger. A relationship seems inevitable, they do the group thing, and are both extremely flirty and touchy with each other. They just "get each other". Eventually he asks her out, and she rejects him. He is destroyed beyond belief. However, this rejection is the best thing that ever happened to him. The friends from season 3-4 help him through this rejection, and eventually with their help he realizes that he is a great guy who deserves to be loved by someone special and amazing, who appreciates him for who he is. The girl from season 5 helped him mature, get over his immature/strip club/perv phase, and realize that that is not who he is. He's just a good guy who is waiting to meet the good girl that completes him, and will love him for who he is, hush puppies, stripes on stripes and all. The hero finally realizes why every person in his life, and all of his past "failures" came into his life. He is excited for and ready for the future!

Season 6 and beyond= Who knows what the future has in store for me? I'm just excited, I have amazing people in my life who are here to support me, and am ready for whatever the Universe has in store for me!

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