Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ridiculously Random Fun Facts About Your Moderator

- On my desk is: a monitor, a keyboard, a mouse, a real mouse, an oscillating fan, a glass of water, and an alarm clock radio.

- When I was 5 years old, this little girl kicked my ass in the sandbox, and women have been pushing me around ever since! BAZINGA!

- I have never paid one red penny for porn in my life, and those who do are fucking retarded. Ohh but you can't get full videos or good quality on those free sites?! SHUT THE FUCK UP! Free sites are the Best. Diversity, and anything you could ever ask for FTW!

- I have an obsession with acquiring and sleeping with as many pillows as humanly possible.

- Sometimes when no one is around, I fist bump my monitor, or steering wheel just for the hell of it.

- This might surprise you, but I don't do any of those weird porn fetishes. Those who do fucking creep me out, LOL at me judging other porn users i.e. 95% of the under 30 population regardless of relationship status.

- My favorite poker hand is Pocket Aces. My favorite bad hand is 98 suited. My favorite small pair is pocket deuces, because they never loses.

- A wise person once told me: "There's nothing wrong with talking with yourself. But when somebody answers back, you might have a problem."

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