Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fantasy Football Offseason: Quarterbacks

The Season's gonna be here before you know it, so here are some of my thoughts as training camp is approaching broken down by position.


Top Gun: Aaron Rodgers. He was the top fantasy QB in 2009, and that will remain the same in 2010. One of the more accurate passers in the league, Rodgers somehow managed to be productive and STAY Alive despite the Packers O-Line surrendering some 50+ sacks. With a healthy Chad Clifton and the addition of Brian Bulaga Rodgers will be a beast again in 2010. He still has studs Greg Jennings and Donald Driver to throw to, and the emerging Jermichael Finley at TE gives him a great 3rd option. I hate taking a QB early, but if you're gonna grab one, Rodgers is the guy.

Best Value Pick: Matt Schaub. All he did was lead the league in passing in 2009 despite a nonexistent running game, and sans tight end Owen Daniels to help him out. The Texans' offense WAS Matt Schaub to Andre Johnson. Expect a rebound year for Kevin Walter and Daniels. Schaub can be had a round or two later than the Mannings, Bradys, and Brees' but will be just as if not more productive.

Rebound Candidate: JAY CUTLER! Under new OC Mike Martz, Cutler will definitely improve upon his abysmal 2009 campaign. With a young but talented receiving corp, and someone to help keep his head screwed on straight, Cutler will be a top 8 fantasy QB at a very nice discounted price.

Sleeper: Joe Flacco and Matthew Stafford. Love Flacco's poise, and with the addition of Boldin, and Rice being a great pass-catcher this offense will be much more balanced. Stafford will have his bad games, but with Megatron, Pettigrew, and Co. I love his upside and is a QB2 that you must target.

Bust: Tom Brady. Welker's status for the beginning of the year is uncertain, the Pats as a whole are getting older, we started to see some character issues with Randy Moss last year. Most importantly, their division is a nightmare for passing games, facing Revis Island twice, the Fins who chew up clock with their running game and play great D, and the Bills whose pass defense is as good as their run defense is bad. All signs point towards a down year for Brady and New England.

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