Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Angels Early Season Thoughts

For you Angels fans:

- Why is Hank Conger not playing every single day?
- Walden for Rodney= inevitable and the right move
- Weaver and Haren are just unreal right now! Holy Shit 15K's and then a one-hitter? How are you guys only 6-5? The rest of your staff isn't that bad, and your team is hitting for a great average right now.
- Vernon Wells= Your Juan Uribe. Wanna trade? At least Wells plays great defense.
- Holy Moly do you need Pineiro back asap. What in the world happened to Scott Kazmir?
- Not a terrible start, but could be better considering the schedule, how dominant your top 2 have been, and how many guys you have hitting .300 and above. The next two months are crucial, as you have to get a lead over Texas without Hamilton (although Murphy is a very capable sub). Oakland should be right there with you and Texas in the 1st half, but LOL Mariners offense. I feel bad for Ichiro and King Felix.

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