Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Military and First Responders Appreciation Thread!!!

It doesn't have to be Memorial Day or the 4th of July to show appreciation to all the men and women past, present, and future who have served our country and communities so thanklessly. These people get shot at every day and are rewarded by I'm just gonna say CUNT Liberal Pussy Faggots who hate on our soldiers as murderers and cry for the law-breaking criminals who wouldn't hesistate to steal from, rape, or murder them or their families, while decrying the police officers that thanklessly serve our communities every day and put up with shit that most of us can't even imagine.

Cliffs Notes
- Soldiers and First Responders= awesome
- Liberal Pussies= should be shipped off to Afghanistan or San Quentin and spend time with the "innoncent and good people" that they are always crying for
- Terrorists, Rapists, and Murderers= Get AIDS and Die Please

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