Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Random Thoughts from San Diego

- San Diego is fucking awesome, so many smoking hawt chicks. I went down there for the Dodgers-Padres game Saturday fyi for those of you aren't facebook friends with me.
- Beer is awesome! 5 different bars, 5 different beers FTW!
- Woman Fail #1: I tried to get up to go talk to my hawt waitress. I was not drunk at this point, but still stumbled, knocked over my chair, and almost fell down.
- Woman Fail #2: Left my number with some smoking hawt Irish waitress wearing a kilt. She never called :(
- Woman Fail #3: Some random chick behind me was talking about how much she loves putting things in her mouth, and I didn't make my move. Know idea why I pussied out, normally I'm the exact opposite (try too hard).
- But the Dodgers swept a twin bill, so all was well. Good times Ahron.

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