Friday, July 22, 2011

Random Remembrances from Recently

- Ryan and I ran the "have you met Marc" play, but it did not work. Bitches don't watch HIMYM that's why.

- Lesbians absolutely HATE me! Tried to dance with these two smoking hawt lesbians all night at the club, and they were just redonk in giving me the cold shoulder. I DID get to dance with the hawtest chick in the entire club though, she gave me a solid grind, so that was a pretty fucking awesome few minutes (she had a BF but he was cool) in case you were wondering why I didn't further pursue.

- 6+ glasses of wine + multiple drinks of vodka rocks= holy fucking awesomeness

- Natalie: your niece and nephew are super cool, and have made me consider the fact that maybe I can in fact be Uncle Marc afterall. But if they start dropping F and C bombs after spending a weekend with me, I accept no responsibility, you know how I roll.

- Fried Butter + Alcohol + Pills= pretty fucking awesome! "All men die, not all men really live".

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