Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Why Grooms other than Ryan are Getting Ripped Off

Hillary you win! Ryan's not getting ripped off but all other grooms are. Other brides/wives: if you disagree with below statements send me a math formula proving me wrong (ask Hillary for rules and instructions).

To the 4 women who have earned "Woman" status please do not take offense to this, and this is in no way directed at you, but brides and weddings in general. Ok, let me get this straight: the husband has to shell at MAJOR $$$ for an engagement ring, her parents have to shell out MAJOR MAJOR $$$$$$$$$ for the wedding, her bridesmaids have to shell out $ for a bridal shower + bachelorette party, plus wedding gifts + have to put up with a possible bridezilla, and the bachelorette gets to boss around ALL ABOVE parties for ~year, gets to have 4 parties in her honor (engagement party, bridal shower, bachelorette party, wedding), and never pays a dime. Ok, if said bride serves as a bridesmaids on multiple occasions, that evens out, but on top of all of this, the husband who set this all in motion by shelling out MAJOR $$$ and making a dumbass decision only gets one party?! BULLFUCKING SHIT! To the 4 fiancees/husbands of those with "woman" status, you are all owed 3 VEGAS weekends guys only! I mean technically since you bought the ring, you should be entitled to more, but lets settle for 3. So grow a pair, and tell your women that we're going to Vegas asap.

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