Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Random Remembrances From This Weekend

- Drinking a ton of beer and a few shots on the first night. Drinking straight from the bottle some vodka and Jameson when called "a fucking pussy". Proved you fuckos wrong
- Heavily debating with woman and woman the merits of my various invented man laws, as well as my use of the word: "foolios"
- Being extremely hungover the whole 2nd day, but ending it in style with an awesome game of night water volleyball.
- Learning that when you play on the same as Natalie, you better not fuck up. Was pretty funny to see her get all gangster on Rick.
- Gawking with Eric and Matt at the smoking hot blonde chick on day 3. Even without my glasses I could make out that her tits were world-fucking-class.
- Puking my guts out at Fox's after massive drinking. Thanks Ryan for the jump-in-the-water idea, that was badly needed.
- Everyone going crazy Saturday night and then crashing early.
- Watching "Sweet Home Alabama" Sunday morning (Natalie's idea) but I loved the movie no homo no homo.

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