Wednesday, August 10, 2011

You Might Have a Strip Club Problem if...

- Every song you hear on the radio reminds you of a time you had at a strip club
- You have met the doppleganger of multiple friends/acquaintances at a strip club
- You keep meeting people you know at strip clubs- this one surprisingly has never happened to me
- When you dance with a chick at a regular club, your instincts try to hand her some $$$
- You own a strip club VIP card
- The bouncers and doorman know you (if they know you by name you are a lost cause b/c you're even worse than me).
- Multiple strippers recognize you and remember you (do you have any idea how many dudes they see/day so for them to remember you, you have a fucking problem).
- When you open your wallet, you don't ask how much $$$ you have, but how many dances you can afford
- You got to the end of this list, and never once went: "OMG Marc What the Fuck?!"

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