Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Confession...From Your Moderator

As of a few days ago technically, but officially at 3:49am on today October 15, 2011 the 23rd anniversary of Kirk Gibson's walk-off HR in Game 1 of the World Series, I Marc James Tokushige proclaim that I am done and over 20-something women. Ok, if one walks up to me and says: "Fuck me now", I'm gonna fuck her on the spot.

But, as far as preference and my targets are concerned, 34 is too young for me. My targets will be those of the MILF/Cougar persuasion (35-50 years old). No offense to any of you 20-something women reading, but you have had your chance. I am sick of chasing after shallow and superficial women who treat guys like shit and dangle them like little marrionettes on their puppet strings. I want a mature, experienced woman who knows what she is doing, is as likely to chase as she is to be chased, and will appreciate a man who craves her and seeks to satisfy her every need.

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