Thursday, February 23, 2012

Random Remembrances from the Past Two Months

- Making 4 youtube videos, one where I call Rick a cunt like 10 million times, one where I am vomiting after going shot-for-shot tequila shots with Thomas who is the champ. I did match him shot for shot until he had to leave and by all accounts did about 1/2 the tequila bottle so I'm no pussy. The other two involved a lot of cussing and pissing
- Peeing on the freeway several times
- Peeing in the backseat of my car
- Losing a lot of games of pool to that scam artist Ryan but winning against all others
- Drinking a shit ton of whisky with Ahron then blacking out then unblacking out while pissing behind a gas station then being at some random bar then blacking out then finding out I bought shots for all + got threatened by some ugly chick + got threatened by some random fool
- Drinking my weight in beer at Newport and doing some singing and Woman and Woman actually being nice to me and talking to me.
- Doing shots and drinking Chivas with my boys from CSUSB baseball and then a stone cold blackout. Shoutout to my boys Terzo and Carlos and Matt Haney! Your toasts are the shit don't let the haters tell you otherwise.
- MANY MANY MANY drunk texts and dials and scrambling for my phone in the morning trying to figure out the damage.

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