Sunday, February 26, 2012

Random Remembrances from This Weekend (Monterey Edition)


- Drinking a beer for breakfast
- Pounding beers on the course with Ryan and being pretty buzzed by 10am. Made 2 birdies but back to back doubles killed any chance of a great round. Still an 84 on a tough course- I'll take it.
- Rally cupping it at Eric's game and meeting my drunk twin
- Setting the world record for most pees in one day
- Phenomenal dinner and a monster glass of scotch to keep things going
- Lots and lots of scotch drinking, and some dancing with my drunk twin.
- Playing my A game in pool only to pound a couple scotches and make zero shots in 2 straight games
- Inventing "the toothpick move" see above
- Lots of talking to random people
- Leaving the bar and having some apparently hot chick ask Ryan about me. We missed each other so I never hooked up- FML!
- Making it in time to use the McDonals pisser by like 3 minutes

- Started the drinking around 3pm with a monster scotch and the world's best cup of clam chowder. "Congratulations! You did it! World's best cup of chowder"
- 3 Margaritas with dinner and they were strong as fuck
- Shots + an unknown number of scotches but the minimum number was 5.
- Having a shit ton of "challenge accepteds" with Eric
- Shooting the shit with my boy BDay and the man, the legend Sam Dow
- Seeing a strip club like private room at the bar and having people tell me that I needed to give all the women a lap dance. Somebody said I bet you wouldn't know how to give one to which I replied: "Of course not. When I'm getting a lap dance, I'm not fucking paying attention to her dancing abilities".
- I think I did a lot of dancing
- Video blogging
- Blacking the fuck out

- Getting to the game and seeing everybody else as hung the fuck over as I was. It was really fucking funny.
- Standard all day sunday hangover where I just wanted to die
- Paul telling me that I delivered a marriage proposal in my video blog and me not being surprised in the least

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