Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bad Things About Malls

- The Mother Fucking Parking
- The Goddamn crying screaming little kids everywhere. Hillary please help me!
- Your friends telling you that you are insane for trying to buy jewelry for some hawt chick that you barely know when if you had you would have had a 0.01% chance of having sex with her instead of a 0.005% chance.
- Those people that spray shit in your face and then try to get you to buy their awful smelling cologne
- The fucking lines, and all the fucking people everywhere who stand in the middle of the fucking everywhere and don't let you goddamn move.
- The fact that you always spend a shit ton more money than you planned on spending
- All the teenage kids that are almost if not more annoying than the babies

Side Note: I think I just ate a piece of cheese that had a hair on it that was not mine. NBD

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