Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It Might Be Sunday If...

- When waking up, your first thought is where the fuck am I?
- When waking up, your second is thought how the fuck did I get here?
- When waking up, your third thought is where the fuck is all my shit?
- When waking up, your fourth thought is OMG who did I try to fight last night?
- When waking up, your fifth thought is OMG what chicks did I drunk dial/text/facebook last night?
- When waking up, your sixth thought is OMG my head hurts so fucking bad
- When standing up, you discover multiple drunk injuries
- You take at least 4 naps because if you don't you are gonna throw up
- You throw up in your car, in the shower, or on your clothes
- You have remembered everything that has happened so far this weekend, and yet your weekend feels ironically incomplete
- You spend half the day sending out apologies and worrying when people don't respond
- You cry when you see open your wallet
- You feel like you should go to church, but you cannot stand up properly
- You spend your entire day trying to find out what you did the previous day

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