Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Random Remembrances from March 2-March 10

- Ryan, Hillary, and my Nemesis trying to teach me how to dance, and things going poorly.
- 800,000,000 shots of all different types of shit
- Watching like 500 more drunk videos of me, and watching them over and over again.
- Playing some cards and absolutely pounding whiskey with Ahron
- Getting to Skyler's going away party (going to miss you bro) and people giving me shit to do shots right away
- Talking to some random chicks and doing not well
- Taking shots with a whole bunch of random older people
- Mixing like 3 different types of whiskey in the same cup. It did not taste good.
- Eating a brownie and then being told that it was a pot brownie.
- Freaking the fuck out until Mikey P told me that it wasn't and that everyone was fucking with me
- Everybody disappearing except my man Erik.

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