Tuesday, March 27, 2012

So There's This Girl...

and your moderator cannot stop thinking about her. She is the one being referred to in this week's polling question. Fear not, your moderator will make a decision as to how to play this, and he's pretty sure he's made up his mind, and might even take action tonight. I will say that it would be pretty HIMYM-like if she turned out to be "the one", because she has always been right on the cusp of being part of my life, without ever being a big part of it.

Further, the story of how I met her would be pretty great to tell my kids, because pretty much everything that happened in my life from the time I was born had to happen the way that it did or I would have never met her. The story would also require the telling of how I met at least 3 of my friends, because if I hadn't met any one of them then I wouldn't have met her. Wish me luck.

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