Thursday, March 1, 2012

Things That Will Not End Well...

All the below situations assume that your BAC is greater than 0.15

- Outgoing messages of any kind
- What comes after the phrase "Fuck it. I'm gonna go for it."
- Going to the bathroom
- Turning on your computer for any reason whatsoever
- Opening your wallet for any reason whatsoever
- Going within 100 feet of an ATM
- Being within 5 miles of a strip club
- Entering a bar/club with a strict ejection policy with the moderator
- Any bet for any reason whatsoever
- What comes after the phrase: "can i buy you a drink?"
- Not looking for rings
- Drinking an "Adios" or "Four Loko" unless your intention is to not remember anything in the morning
- Doing shots of Jager for any reason whatsover
- Not eating

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