Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Random Shit That Makes Me Want to Stab Kittens

- Bicyclists: there is a lane for you, it's called the fucking BIKE LANE! STAY THE FUCK IN IT! I don't care how fucking fast you think you are, cars are faster you, so get the fuck out of the way.
- Pedestrians: Please walk slower while you jaywalk and make 3 lanes of traffic wait for you. I enjoy spending my whole day watching you shuffle your IPod.
- Everybody else on the road: FUCK YOU! YOU ARE A CUNT! GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY WAY- Asian coming through.
- The fact that no matter where I am, printers always run out of ink/paper and/or malfunction when I really need to print something
- Don Mattingly's managing
- Fantasy Baseball
- Every diving piece of shit on the Vancouver Canucks especially that bitch Maxim Lapierre
- Ryane Clowe
- The San Francisco Giants
- Double-bogeys

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