Thursday, January 31, 2013

Random Remembrances From North Carolina

Recently, Ryan, Hillary, and I visited Paul, Heather, Eli, and Sahara in North Carolina.  In the 90 or so hours I was there, my BAC was never at 0.00, I only remember about 60% of what happened, and there was only one night out of the 4 in which I remember going to bed.  But other than that, I was a perfectly moral human being, because if you can't remember it, it never happened.

- Arriving at LAX at 7am, an hour and a half early, and ordering a Double Crown Royal rocks.  Ryan orders me another drink on the plane. 
- Getting there, Heather calling me a fag, going to dinner, and then drinking a ton- I wish I could remember what happened other than that
- Golf with the boys the next day, Heather Smith DRIVING US, then watching Ryan and Hillary's wedding video, then a lot of bad stuff.  Fighting both the guys, then at some point crying and Heather trying to console me, and Eli eating my money.
- Me and Paul being super hungover the whole day the next day. 
- Going to Wilmington and Ryan being super homo, and Hillary obsessing over One Tree Hill
- Oyster shooters, pub crawl, Hillary being bored as fuck, Heather being grossed out over one of the stories, and then...

Hold on, time out!  I am FUCKING Hammered right now!  LOL I am so devoid of morality its a joke.

- Ok so we get to the last bar, and its a dive bar and we get a table.  At the tables next to us, is a table of 4 chicks.  I buy them a round of shots, then me and them 4 go upstairs to play some foosball.  Game 1 my team wins and I play great.  Then I buy another round of shots and a round of drinks- I think my team gets shutout the next game as I am hammered by now. 
- Next thing I remember I am back at the base and checking in with the air force check-in people praying I don't get us all arrested.  I don't.
- From all accounts, there's about a 50% I got laid that night, as I was apparently was dancing with said chicks, and emerged from some random room with two of them. This is now the THIRD time where I might have gotten laid and not remembered it.  #DegenProblems
- Cutter Creek aka best golf value ever the next day and more drinking followed
- Monday at the airport I said I'm not drinking for a while.  Ryan and Hill order a beer.  I order a MaCallan Rocks.  Hillary says: gee that didn't take long

MAJOR LOVE to all 4 of you- you are my brothers and sisters!

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