Friday, May 11, 2012

Drunk Video Blogging

Random Remembrances from Recently

- Last Weekend for Bachelor Parties= TOTAL DARKNESS.  I remember nothing except everyone wanting me to get drunk and random people saying they had heard the legends of drunk marc.
- San Francisco: going to a giants bar + a whole bunch of bullshit on facebook + maybe hitting on a bunch of gilfs + getting some facebook message from some chick that i used to like and maybe reacting poorly + total darkness
- Drinking like a half a bottle of scotch at Ahron's, then going out and totally blacking out then being told that I went bananas and actually did well with females
- Mucho drunk texts, dials, and drunkbooking

When You Need a Laugh...

Go to youtube and type in my name. A special GFY Cunt/Thank You to Ryan Dow for spreading the legend that is drunk marc. Here is a preview for you fucks who are so lazy that you cannot type in


- To Ryan and Hillary for their recent promotions - To Brian and Shanna on their recent marriage - To Paul for 2 years in the military and woman for finally being a licensed driver (long overdue shoutout) - To my boys in CSUSB baseball for making the conference tournament. Ship it guys. - To CuntBag Rick for being in 1st place in fantasy baseball. You have Kersh and Ethier on your team, so I wish you luck man. As much as I want to win, I'll take a Dodgers World Series title over a fantasy championship any fucking day. - To my boy Brando on his upcoming study abroad to Italy. Have fun bro.