Thursday, December 15, 2011

One Year Six Months

- I'm falling into memories of you, Of things we used to do, Follow me there, A Beautiful somewhere...
- Call me homo all you want, this is the most beautiful song ever
- I will forever love Yellowcard and their CD and what it meant to 19 year old me



Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Best Christmas Movies

- Die Hard= the best ainec (and it's not even close). If you disagree you are either: a woman or a fag.
- Elf: a heart-warming tale and if this doesn't make you fall in love with Zooey Deschanel you are soulless
- A Christmas Story: just a classic. You'll shoot your eye out.
- It's A Wonderful Life: timeless
- Home Alone 1&2: I've always like 2 more, but they are both awesome. Love the cast and music, and what little kid didn't dream about his very own cheese pizza just for him?



Why "Everybody Loves Raymond" is the Greatest Show of All Time

- It was the show that made me laugh on the most consistent basis
- It was the show that made me die of laughter on the most consistent basis
- Patricia Heaton is a top 5 all-time hottest MILF
- The entire cast was A+. Not a weak link amongst them. RIP Peter Boyle
- The best writing I've ever seen from a comedy series by far
- Frank and Marie's relationship is just like my grandma and grandpa
- The recurring characters/supporting cast were so fucking awesome! Who didn't love Amy, her parents, Peggy- Ray's nemesis, Judy-Robert's partner, and Ray/Robert's bumbling friends. Ohh and course the smoking hawt Stephania

Frank McCourt

Just does not want to go away. Use the google function on your computer to read more, but apparently he's not releasing the Dodgers' financials to prospective buyers, and even if he does, it will be limited statements exclusive to the past. How the fuck is a guy/group supposed to make a bid without a full understanding of the team's current financial status? McCUNT is the fucking devil- the anti-Tim Tebow, Keyser Soze himself except much less intelligent. I seriously hope his whore wife gave him AIDS and that they both die a slow and very painful death- that will make me laugh very much.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra

is absolutely fantastic. Their renditions on traditional Christmas songs are absolutely top-notch and worth listening too. I really want to see them live as well, but that would probably be way too teh ghey.

All I Want For Christmas

- Mark Cuban to the Dodgers
- Matt Barkley and Matt Kalil to return for one more year. Nick Perry and TJ McDonald would be awesome too but they've seem to already made their choice.
- Chiefs to curbstomp the Raiders- AGAIN and eliminate them from the playoffs.
- An extremely hot hooker/stripper

Monday, December 5, 2011

Matt Barkley

WHAT AN ABSOLUTE FUCKING JOKE that he doesn't get at least an invite to New York! He beat Oregon, went toe to toe with Luck (SC losing was 0% his fault), and his stats were better than Luck's and just as good as RG3's. I agree with Richardson and Ball going, but Mathieu who isn't even the best CB on his OWN team going over Barkley is an absolute travesty and further proof of a disturbing pro-SEC/anti Pac-12 bias. There's no doubt that Richardson is going to win, no fucking doubt.

Other CFB travesties
- that the Big Least still gets an automatic BCS bowl bid
- that there is still no playoff system
- Gundy getting screwed. I was on the Alabama over Ok St bangwagon until Gundy dismantling Joklahoma on Saturday. They deserve their shot and aren't getting it. At least Gundy vs. Luck will be one hell of an awesome consolation prize.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Awesome Things About December

- Bowl Mania and the "Most Wonderful Time of the Year"
- "Elf" and my girl Zooey Deschanel
- Nonstop Christmas music on KOST 103.5. Yes this is teh ghey and No I don't give a fuck.
- New Year's Eve and the boozing and sexual looseness associated with it
- The last month of the NFL regular season. When the contenders are separated from the pretenders.
- Baseball Free Agency
- It's cold a lot and I love the fucking cold
- Mistletoe

You Might Be A Degen If...

- you make bets on the time/cause of your own death
- you have a book dedicated to all of your sports bets
- your sports bets frequently overlap
- you are a member of the forum: "PocketFives: OffTopic"
- you have more than one active sports bet with the moderator
- The term "+EV" means anything to you
- Stu Ungar is your idol
- When you hear "Deja Vu" you don't think about a movie or an expression referring to a familiar feeling
- You have ever left a casino wondering either: whether you are gonna get mugged OR how you are gonna pay for tomorrow's breakfast?

Current Health Concerns of the Moderator

- Stripper related STD
- Liver cancer resulting from massive alcohol consumption
- Broken Back: basically wake up everyday with major back pain that comes and goes over the course of a day. Pain comes both when I'm physically active and when not it's totally random. Been dealing with this for 10 years just too stubborn to go to the doctor.
- Pill-popping and its effects resulting from back pain. 3-4 ibuprofen/day is standard.
- Heart failure from refusal to eat healthy

Shit Ya'll Must Watch!

- Michigan-Ohio State Rivalry Documentary currently available on HBO on Demand
- Almost any of the ESPN 30 for 30's, esp: "The U", The Bartman one, "The Two Escobars", "June 17, 1994", the Auburn-Alabama one
- "Drive" or basically any movie starring Ryan Gosling who no homo no homo is the best actor in the business right now ainec (and its not even close)
- "Moneyball"
- Season 7 of "How I Met Your Mother"


To Ashley, the newest recipient of "Woman" status. Even though you are a Domer (Notre Dame fan), your fandom of both the Dodgers and Chiefs is most welcome regardless of the season as I am surrounded by Angels, Chargers, and Fader fans.

At this time, the moderator finds it necessary to explain the origin of "WOMAN"! So several alcohol-fueled years ago the moderator's two most frequently-seen female friends were named Heather and Hillary. On the rare occasions when the moderator had had one too many drinks, he would confuse the two names- i.e. call Heather- Hillary, and call Hillary-Heather. This would infuriate both of them, and they would yell, scream, and get mad at the poor helpless moderator. One day, he fucked their names up, and they were bitching at him, giving him shit, and he had had enough. He just blurted out: "WOMAN! SHUT THE FUCK UP" or something like that. Anyways, the "Woman" part stuck and has become a term of endearment because the moderator always has their back no matter what. Morgan, Natalie, and now Ashley have since achieved Woman status.

Overrated Shit

- Tim Tebow: "Tebow has WON" No Tebow isn't these games, his defense is. That and the Broncos offensive line which is doing an insane job of opening up holes and keeping him clean when he drops back.
- Anybody in the Colts organization not named Peyton Manning: if this isn't self-explanatory you are clueless and I can't help you.
- Ned Colletti: I'll save this rant for another day. Go to my PocketFives account and read my rant in the MLB offseason thread if you really want to. Worst GM in baseball ainec.

Underrated Shit

- USC Trojan Football! Love the improvement that we made over the course of the season especially on defense. We'll see which guys stay and which leave before making an evaluation about next year.
- Pac-12 Football...RichRod + The Mad Scientist just made this conference a force to be reckoned with. Can't underestimate how huge a hire this was for Wazzu- his only flaw is an unwillingness to conform but at Wazzu there will be minimal pressure and he should have free reign. That program is going to be a force as long as he is there.
- Tim Tebow: I know he was on overrated too, but as terrible as he is throwing the football, the one thing he doesn't do is lose the game for his team. ZERO turnovers in his 5 wins, and considering how many carries he has that's an impressive stat.
- Von Miller and the Denver Broncos Defense
- Wine
- Hangar 24 Beer
- Andy Dalton to AJ Green: gonna be one of the best QB-WR combos for the next decade
- The 2011 NFL Rookie Class as a whole. I thought the 2010 class was studly, but this class has been unreal. Guys contributing at all positions and having huge impacts on playoff races, making us all forget about the pathetic 2009 class.
- LSU and Alabama: I hate the fucking corndogs more than anybody as well as the SEC in general for the simple fact that they fucked USC out of at least 2 MNC games, but this year these are the two best teams in the country and there isn't any team withing 10,000 miles of them.

NFL Week 13 Picks

9-5 in week 11
14-2 in week 12
90-44 for the season
Winners in Bold