Monday, April 26, 2010

This Mother Fucker!

A list of mother fuckers who piss me and I'm sure the rest of you off.

- That mother fucker who races to cut you off, and then proceeds to drive slower than you were previously driving. Fuck that guy!

- That mother fucker who tries to make himself the center of attention at a baseball game rather than the game itself.

- Those mother fuckers who won't shut the fuck up at places where you are supposed to shut the fuck up (i.e. libraries, movie theatres)

Lesbians Part Infinity Million

- Chris: You were right, and I was wrong. I would like to officially retract all the great things I ever said about lesbians. I have nothing against them personally, but from a mere single guy's outlook on them, I will say pass in general.

- Don't get me wrong, I will still never pass up a chance at a threesome (abiding by the Law of 10/11 of course), and I will NEVER EVER in ten million years object to two chicks making out, going at it, etc.

- However, my fascination with lesbians is officially over. Not going to name names, but I will just say that I found out that somebody from my past is now one, an ugly one at that, and it just killed the whole lesbian vibe for me.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Justin Smoak

Been waiting for over a year for the Rangers to call this kid up. He will be your AL Rookie of the Year. Book it! Insta add on all your fantasy teams if he's available.

Women and Their Purses

- What is the deal with that?
- Is it really necessary to own like 5 different purses/handbags, all of which are different colors, different sizes, etc?
- So do you ladies have like different purses for different outfits, and WTF do you carry in those things, they are always REDONKULOUSLY heavy looking?
- Sigh, reason #1954898905 why I will never understand women

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Eric Berry!

- Can't describe how excited I am about the Chiefs getting this guy; a real playmaker and immediate impact player on defense at a position that we were in desperate need of improvement at.

- When Okung fell, I was a bit concerned that we'd pass up on Berry for Okung's positional value, but as it ended up, we'll have a shot at either Charles Brown or Roger Saffold to get our LT with our first 2nd rounder.

- With tons of OL and DL depth in this draft, we can still shore up those needs later, but Berry is a Ed Reed type player who we would have greatly regretted passing up on. Thank you X 1,000,000 Scott Pioli!

LOL Dodgers Bullpen!

Pretty sure Broxton is the only guy in the pen with an ERA in the single digits. This is beyond embarrassing, and if these guys don't get their act together, and soon, it is going to be a long ass season.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I'm Sorry, Really Sorry

to my loyal readers, and I know there are plenty of you. Been getting off track lately, and just need to find the motivation to blog again. Hope that it comes soon, keep inspiring me.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Brett Anderson

will be this year's Zach Grienke. Alright, that's a bit of a stretch, but he will be the AL pitcher to make the move from solid to straight up elite stud. BOOK IT!

Ricky Romero

For some reason I thought he was drafted in my fantasy baseball league, so I didn't try and add him last week. FML he wasn't drafted, and I missed my chance to pick him up and he of course pitches a one-hitter with 12K's today. Kid has sick stuff and is primed for a huge season.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


While I will never hide my disdain for the Angels and 95% of their fans, I will say that there is one thing that they do substantially better than the Dodgers do. That of course is treat their players and loyal fans with the respect and loyalty that they deserve. 10 years ago, you couldn't give Angel tickets away, and now they are in the top 5 of attendance figures every season. Dodger fans have drawn 3 million fans since well forever, yet the last two ownerships (Fox/McCourts) have treated Dodger fans with a type of disrespect that is bordering on unacceptable! Don't get me wrong, I will always bleed Dodger blue no matter how big a piece of shit the owners are, but I am sick of myself and Dodger fans as well as the players being disrespected. Here are my list of grievances:

- Arte Moreno takes control of the team and lowers beer prices, and keeps ticket, parking, and food prices reasonable. Despite playing in the far wealthier Orange County, it is far more affordable to go to an Angel game than a Dodger game.

- Frank McCourt raises parking to a ridiculous $15, and the parking situation is still atrocious, small beers cost $9 well at least last year, I shudder to think what they will be this year.

- The Angels at least try to keep their fans happy. I won't lie, I love their Friday Night Fireworks Show, and while some of their promotions are extremely gimmicky/lame, at least they try (sidenote: that whole world record snuggie thing was like the OMG teh gheyest thing ever). The McCourts give Dodger fans a few bobbleheads (but who doesn't) but other than that the promotional schedule is a joke (not that I go for promotions) but you could at least try.

- The Angels have made a commitment to retain their franchise players, and their organizational structure is generally built around loyalty with many players returning said loyalty. Tim Salmon, Garrett Anderson, Vlad Guerrero, and Chone Figgins among many others all had incredible runs with the Angels, and gave the franchise a face to the franchise for years.

- The Dodgers since Fox took over in the mid-90's have shown ZERO fucking loyalty to their players, and their players have reciprocated such lack of loyalty. It all really began with the Piazza trade, continuing with the LoDuca trade, and the Dodgers' consistent failure to resign and pay their top free agents sans Manny. To illustrate the extent of this problem, the Dodgers currently have ONE player on their current roster who was on the 2005 roster, and that is Jeff Weaver who had a stop over in St. Louis before returning to L.A.

- I understand that free agency is a major part of the game, and sometimes you have to trade a guy to make the team better, but we need to take note from the Yankees/Angels/Phillies/Red Sox who built their title/perennial teams around a solid core of players (Jeter/Posada/Rivera/Pettitte)/(Salmon/Anderson/KRod/Percival/Lackey/Figgins/Vlad)/(Howard/Utley/Rollins)/(Manny/Big Papi/Beckett/Papelbon/Lowell) and then filled in the missing holes either through their farm system or free agency. The Dodgers' philosophy of trading away studs entering their prime, and then signing overpaid free agents exiting their prime expecting them to lead the team has failed over and over again. We have a very solid young core (Kemp/Ethier/Kershaw/Billingsley/Broxton/and maybe Loney, this year is the year the power must show up), and I hope we lock them up for long term deals, filling in remaining holes via free agency or through the farm.

Cliffs Notes
- Arte Moreno= great owner
- Fuck the McCourts
- I still hate the Angels, but their organizational philosophy is solid, very very solid
- I will still bleed Dodger Blue until the day that I die, but a shift in the way they do business and treat their fans needs to happen, and happen NOW!

LOL Dodgers!

Pathetic, absolutely pathetic! I'm not going to talk for too long, because all it's going to do is make me more upset.

- 22 runners left on base in 2 game...anti-clutch FTW! Runner at 3rd with nobody out in the 9th for the top of the order, and we fail to bring him in. Rafael Furcal needs to get it together, or Torre needs to consider a Kemp/hot hand/Ethier/Ramirez/Loney lineup. While I'd hate to have Kemp's RBI potential leading off, a leadoff hitter MUST be the sparkplug to start the order, get on, drive pitchers nuts, and set things up for the big guys, and Furcal wasn't cutting it last year, had an awful spring, and does not look right.
- Two disgusting starting pitching performances...Kersh really really needs to find his control this season, or our bullpen is going to be dead by August.
- God Awful Atrocious Defense! Bats slump, pitchers slump, but defense should never slump!


- Such an unreal game that rekindled my love for hockey. Damn I forgot how fast the game was, and entertaining it can be. I am officially STOKED for playoff hockey, sorry Ducks you're not invited!

- Coming back from a 3 goal deficit late, the Kings scored the tying goal with a minute left, and then Anze Kopitar clinched the game with the game winner in a shootout with a nifty backhander FTW!


- A game for the ages, and one of the best title games I've ever seen. Both teams played their hearts out. Butler truly is an incredible team. Hayward didn't have a good shooting game, but still grabbed some huge rebounds, they got solid production from their bench, and almost pulled off the miracle.

- Still, too much Duke! Zoubek was huge on the glass, and Kyle Singler won the battle against Hayward, as he was the best player on the floor, winning tournament MVP.

- If that last shot had gone in, it would have been the greatest play in sports history, and the name Gordon Hayward would never be forgotten. Still, thanks to Butler for an incredible run, and the best tournament of my lifetime. If their stars return, I fully expect them to be a top 10 team again next year, and hopefully make another run.

McNabb to the Redskins?!

This move was an absolute shocker to me and I'm sure many NFL fans. I personally think that this was a terrible move by the Eagles, trading a franchise quarterback to a DIVISION rival, and not getting a 1st rounder in return. Granted the 2nd rounder from the 'Skins will be 5th overall in that round, but still they are hedging all their bets on Kevin Kolb panning out.

Kolb played well in two games last year where McNabb was out, and he certainly has tons of weapons around him: Jackson, Celek, McCoy, and next year's breakout player: Jeremy Maclin. Still, I think you have to get 1st round compensation for McNabb, or improve a defense that needs some parts after trading away Sheldon Brown and Chris Gocong. I still love the Eagles, and think Kolb will play well, but the Redskins just got really good. Assuming they draft their left tackle in the 1st round (Okung) they will have a solid offense, albeit with a slew of aging running backs (I expect them to draft at least one running back this year) and a stout defense. Santana Moss and Chris Cooley just shot up my ffb draft boards.

In short, holy fuck the NFC East is going to be incredibly competitive next year.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Just finished watching it for the first time in a LONG time, and color me inspired. Can't even describe how incredibly excited I am for the National Championship game on Monday night. The parallels between Butler and the movie are eerie, like really eerie. Butler sure is going to have its hands full as Duke is sickly tough inside with Zoubek who is going to create major matchup problems for Butler, as well as their three outside players who can make it rain from 3 point range. Smith and Scheyer are insanely locked in right now. Finally there is the dream matchup between two of the best players in the tournament: Heyward and Singler. Gordon Heyward truly is a special player who can do it all, and even though every ounce of common sense says that Duke should blow them out, I just have a crazy feeling that Butler is going to stage a late rally, and pull off the miracle shipping the National Title. Full preview to come later today.

Happy Easter Everybody!

Wishing you all an awesome day with friends and family. Enjoy and celebrate for He is Risen! Of course Yankees-Red Sox at Fenway later tonight will be the perfect way to cap off the night.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

2010 MLB Preview

The birds are chirping, the grass is getting greener, and I feel like a 10 year old kid again. That can only mean one thing: baseball season is here, and not a moment too soon. Below is my full breakdown of this season by divisions.

***= Wild Card Winner

AL East
1. New York Yankees
2. Boston Red Sox ***
3. Tampa Bay Rays
4. Baltimore Orioles
5. Toronto Blue Jays

Easily the best division in baseball. The Yankees incredible offensive and pitching depth will lead them to the divisional title. The Red Sox top 3 in the rotation is nasty, and they have the best pen in the game, anchored by Papelbon, Okajima, and breakout phenom Daniel Bard who is just flat out nasty. The Orioles are a team that could make some noise, and any other division I would give them a fighting chance to ship it. Nolan Reimold and Matt Wieters are primed for breakout seasons, and their young staff of talented arms including: Brad Bergeson, Brian Matusz, and Chris Tillman make the O's my favorite team to keep an eye on. 5 Years from now they could be the class of the division.

AL Central
1. Chicago White Sox
2. Minnesota Twins
3. Detroit Tigers
4. Kansas City Royals
5. Cleveland Indians

As much as I love the M&M brothers in Minnesota, the White Sox' pitching depth will lead them to the AL Central title. The Twins will hang around and make their late season run as always, but the loss of Joe Nathan will hurt them a lot more than one would think, and the 1-2 of Peavy and Buehrle will be too much to overcome. Two names to keep an eye out for in this division are: Billy Butler and Luke Hochevar both of the Royals.

AL West
1. Texas Rangers
2. Anaheim Angels
3. Seattle Mariners
4. Oakland Athletics

Texas is just flat out too deep offensively, a machine that will be unrelenting and never lets up. Josh Hamilton will rebound from a disappointing '09, and Julio Borbon will emerge as one of the game's best leadoff hitters. The big question mark will be Rich Harden who must stay healthy and be effective to anchor this young and high upside staff. Can't wait for Neftali Feliz's entry to the starting rotation, and the inevitable promotion of Justin Smoak over Chris Davis. I still like the Angels and Mariners, but the M's still don't have the power bats and with Cliff Lee and Erik Bedard facing health concerns I just can't see them supplanting the Rangers or Angels. The Halos are very very solid in every aspect of the game, but the Rangers are just better. The Halos' season really hinges on Erick Aybar. If he gets on base, steals 30+ bases, and sparks the Angels' style of baseball then they could ship it, but it will probably take 95+ wins b/c the Rangers are surely going to do that.

NL East
1. Philadelphia Phillies
2. Atlanta Braves
3. Florida Marlins
4. New York Mets
5. Washington Nationals

The Phillies are in a class of their own, but the Braves are the team that I like to make some noise and make a solid wild card run. Their staff is ridiculously deep: Lowe, Juurjens, Tommy Hanson who will become their ace by mid season, and Tim Hudson as a nice bounceback candidate. Jason Heyward is a solid ROY candidate. I really like the Nationals' lineup: Dunn and Zimmerman are monsters in the middle, and they've filled out the rest of the lineup nicely, but their pitching sans Strasburg is epic garbage.

NL Central
1. St. Louis Cardinals
2. Chicago Cubs
3. Cincinnati Reds
4. Milwaukee Brewers
5. Houston Astros
6. Pittsburgh Pirates

The Cardinals are too deep, too experienced, and yea they have that Pujols guy. This is probably the worst division in baseball, and other than the Cardinals, there is no team that I am sure will finish above .500. The Reds are a trendy pick, but I think they're still a year or two away, although I am excited to see Chapman pitch, and Joey Votto is a superstar in the making. For the Cubbies, much hinges on staying healthy, and of course Alfonso Soriano playing to the level of his contract. Out of Pittsburgh, remember the name Andrew McCutchen, because by this time next year everyone else will know his name: an absolute 5 tool stud stuck on the worst team in baseball.

NL West
1. Colorado Rockies
2. San Francisco Giants ***
3. Los Angeles Dodgers
4. Arizona Diamondbacks
5. San Diego Padres

The Rockies are for real and will win 100 games this season. Carlos Gonzalez is the best player nobody knows about, Ubaldo Jimenez is the most underrated pitcher in the game, their lineup is so stacked that 25HR hitter Ian Stewart will be hitting 7th. The Giants still don't have an impact bat, but with Lincecum/Cain/Zito and a very underrated bullpen you don't really one. They will be able to pitch their way to victory and a wild card berth. The Dodgers will still be a solid team, but their bench is substantially weaker than last season, and with Rafael Furcal, and their entire bullpen (their strength last season) having Spring Training problems I just don't see them supplanting either of their divisional foes.

NL MVP: Albert Pujols
AL MVP: Mark Teixeira

NL Cy Young: Tim Lincecum
AL Cy Young: Jon Lester

NL Manager of the Year: Jim Tracy
AL Manager of the Year: Ron Washington

NL Rookie of the Year: Jason Heyward, but keep an eye on Kyle Blanks in San Diego who may still be rookie eligible
AL Rookie of the Year: Neftali Feliz

10 Players Primed for a Breakout Year
1. Brett Anderson
2. Carlos Gonzalez
3. Andrew McCutchen
4. Ricky Nolasco
5. Jason Heyward
6. Tommy Hanson ('09 was great but this year he will be a top 10 SP in the game)
7. Nolan Reimold
8. Billy Butler
9. Rick Porcello
10. Neftali Feliz