Tuesday, June 30, 2009


You may be a cheater, but boy do we need you back!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Three Great Things from Transformers

2. Isabel Lucas: The other chick that tries to seduce Sam.
3. This Green Day song, which plays in the credits:

Happy Birthday's are in order to....

Eric Dow (20...my 6'2" little brother) AND Heather Owen (22...one of the 2 original "woman")

Hope you two both had a good one.

The Worst Single Game Performance in MLB History?

Matt Kemp's line today: 0 for 6, 4 K's (yes a platinum sombrero), and two misplayed flyballs, one of which led to the GW run.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Well at least everyone else is happy!

It's 9:30am and it's already like 100 fucking degrees. GG June Gloom and my sock tan.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

If I Had 24 Hours to Live

- Spend the rest of the night (as everyone is sleeping right now) getting as much of my screenplay done as I can, and detail the rest, and give it to one of my friends to finish for me, and make a goodbye post to OT!

- Drive down to the beach and have a sunrise breakfast in Newport Beach with my parents, and my grandparents.

- Go to church and make my peace with God. I pray every night, but don't exactly lead the perfect Christian lifestyle.

- Call my friends/family who aren't in the area and say my goodbyes

- Will all of my assets to the only girl that I have ever loved.

- Have lunch at King Taco

- Go skydiving in the afternoon. Someone better go with me.

- Have dinner at Benihana or some type of cool restaurant like that, with my close friends, have a feast, and drink some scotch.

- Head down to the Dodgers-Angels game, and hopefully watch the Dodgers pull one out as I pass on to the next life.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Championship Parades

Really should be held in primetime (like 8 pm local time) so that more people can attend or at least watch them. Would also cut down on the daytime traffic jam from hell that was probably created near the Coliseum today from parade attendees + the regular working crowd coming/going to work and lunch. Just something that never really made sense to me.


It's probably the easiest thing to do in baseball, yet for the 2nd straight day in a huge sacrifice situation, and a disturbing trend throughout this whole season, the Dodgers fail to get the bunt down when they have to.
Publish Post

Monday, June 15, 2009

Sweet Caroline and WOO Girls

are the two staples of any awesome bar imo. I can understand some bars not going the Sweet Caroline route, but no woo girls= GTFO b/c fun cannot be had there.

Some things that are awesome

- The Beatles
- Microwave dinners
- Chad Billingsley
- The NBA season finally being over
- P5's Off Topic
- Pixar films
- Pillows
- California's geography (just think about it...elevation changes, and geographical beauty that cannot be found anywhere else on earth).
- Man I need to ungay this post so....Megan Fox, Natalie Gulbis, Carrie Underwood, Shania Twain (whoever I was arguing with yesterday, she always has been and always will be SF HAWT), Liz Lieu, Salma Hayek, and most college softball players.

Congratulations to all people who are receiving HS, Bachelor's or Master's degrees

An amazing accomplishment, you should be proud, and party it up this summer.

MLB Weekend in Review

LOL just LOL at the Mets. That is all.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I've Officially Seen it ALL!


MLB Recap 6/9

- Johan gives up 4 HR's but still gets the win as the Mets take the opener 6-5 against the Phils
- Boston and the resurgent Josh Beckett overpower the Bronx Bombers 7-0
- Jered Weaver continues his remarkable season and moves to 6-2 as the Halos take Game 1 from Tampa Bay. Ben Zobrist continues his insane hot streak bombing his 12th HR in a losing effort.
- The Dodgers hit 4HR's including 2 by Andre Ethier to get Chad Billingsley his 8th win of the year.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

6/8 MLB Recap

- The Rockies complete a 4 game sweep of the Cardinals and Ryan Ludwick continues his massive post-DL slump.
- The Yankees hit 4 bombs in the house that Teixiera built, as they beat the Rays 5-3.
- Adam Lind's 2 2 run HR's power the Jays to a 6-3 win over the Rangers
- The Braves bring Zach Duke back to earth as they power 3 homers off of him, and David Ross gets the walkoff hit for the Tomahawkers in the 15th inning

Monday, June 8, 2009

THE SI Theory (Don't read if you are an easily offended female or one of those faggoty males)

I= IMPLANTS (on hot women of course)

Red Zone (Hell): When the ratio of strollers to implants is greater than 2:1 in a given location. You are surrounded by little rugrats whose parents refuse to believe in the concept of parental supervision. You are trapped in this hellhole and there is no hope for escape, as there are no hotties in sight.

Orange Zone (Purgatory): The SI ratio is between 1:1 and 2:1. You still have time to get out and save yourself. There just might be enough hotties to make this area to make it habitable.

Green Zone: The SI ratio is between 1:1 and 1:2. A decent enough place to find yourself living in. Hey I don't hate little kids, just as long as they are well supervised by sexy MILFS with some silicone implants. Jesus Christ this is the most misogynist blog post ever but hey its fucking funny and you know it.

Blue Zone: The SI ratio is better than 1:2. Heaven on earth. Ummm what more can I say. No screaming temper tantrums, and plenty of sexiness for everybody.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

God I SF Hate the Lakers!

2 missed layups in the final minute of regulation= ship the Lakers the title. asfjkjduhijfg.


Restaurant of the Day

King Taco: With ~20 locations in Los Angeles County, this fine Mexican eatery can be found packed to the brim at all hours of the day. With a fairly simple menu of standard Mexican food (tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and tamales) the food here is heavenly. I swear by the carne asada, although others will swear by the al pastor.

Recommended Dish: 2 tacos carne asada + carne asada quesadilla

6/7 MLB Recap

- The Yanks comeback with 3 in the 8th to end the Rays strangehold over them
- Doc Halladay deals his 2nd straight CG, this time a shutout and the Royals continue their fall from grace.
- Tommy Hanson's debut is spoiled by Ryan Braun's 2 HR's, but never fear Braves fans as Chipper Jones hits two of his own and the Braves hold on for an 8-7 win.
- David FUCKING Eckstein hits a PH 3 run HR to screw Dan Haren out of yet another win, but Mark Reynolds' 3 run bomb in the 18th ends the longest game of the year.
- The Phillies slug 3 HR's en route to a 7-2 win over the Dodgers to split the series between baseball's top 2 teams.

MLB 6/6 Recap


Saturday, June 6, 2009

MLB 6/4 Recap

- ETHIER!!! The Dodgers start a 2 out nobody on rally off of Brad Lidge, aided by an error by sure handed Pedro Feliz, and capped by a walk off double by Andre Ethier to beat those bastards 4-3.
- Ervin Santana and Justin Verlander pwn souls but Santana and the Angels get the last laugh as the Angels win 2-1.
- Zack Greinke is HUMAN after all as the Jays torch him to give him his 2nd loss of the season.
- Carl Pavano? CG Shutout? Am I reading this correctly?
- Big Z tosses a gem and hits a HR in the Cubs 2-1 win over Cincinnati.

Friday, June 5, 2009


are sf underrated. Birds chirping, the smell of fresh air, the warm and cozy feeling that you get, and the promise of a bright new day where anything is possible.

MLB 6/3 Recap

- Congratulations to Randy Johnson for getting his 300th win! Could be the last one to get to that magical number, and kudos to one of the best (and hopefully clean) pitchers of all time!
- Cole Hamles continues to pwn the Dodgers' soul as he pitches a CG shutout over them to take the first of a 4 game set.
- The Evil Empire beats Texas on a tie breaking 2 run homer by Melky Cabrera in the 8th.
- The Pirates complete a 3 game sweep of the Mets who just cannot seem to stay healthy
- The St. Louis Cardinals officially have their ACE back as Chris Carpenter pitches a CG 3 hitter, as his ERA goes to 0.71 for the season.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Trivia Question (prize inside)

Question: July 2, 1863. Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The Union troops are protecting the high ground from attacking Confederate soldiers. One of the keys to commanding the battlefield and the battle, is a little hill known as Little Round Top. Because Union troops are spread out over so much space and communication is chaotic, one regiment is assigned with protecting the hill against nearly an entire Confederate division.

What was the name or the regiment and its commanding officer?

Prize to the first person to post the correct answer in the comments section: Your choice of a hug or a double fist bump the next time I see you, and an entire blog post dedicated to your awesomeness for knowing your history and for actually reading my blog.

City of the Day

Cambria, California. Most famous for being the site of Hearst Castle, this quiet little oceanfront town about a half an hour north of San Luis Obispo will always hold a special place in my heart. Great beaches, fantastic dining options, cool unique family shops on Main Street, and cozy hotels all combine to make Cambria one of the finest towns along the Central Coast. I cannot wait to go back there with a family of my own one day.

6/3 MLB Recap

- Mother Nature prevents Randy Johnson from getting his 300th. He'll give it a go tomorrow. Seriously baseball fans, this is must see TV, as he could be the last man to get to 300 in a very long time.
- THE END OF AN ERA as the Braves release Tom Glavine presumably to make room for Tommy Hanson. GLGL to both of them.
- Josh Beckett flirts with a no-no as the Nation pounds on Detroit.
- Billingsley outduels Garland, and the Dodgers take another one run game in what was a very exciting and entertaining 3 game set with the Diamondbacks.
- Brandon Phillips and Lance Nix go bananas for Cincy as they continue to be a very surprising contender in the NL Central.
- Carl Crawford swipes two more bags, giving him 33 for the season, meaning he definitely could reach the century mark this season.

What to look for tomorrow:
- The Big Unit goes for Number 300 tomorrow in D.C.
- The Top Two teams in the NL begin a 4 game set at Chavez Ravine in a rematch of the NLCS. Hamels-Kershaw should be a dandy tomorrow night.
- FIREWORKS GALORE as the Rangers and Yanks conclude a 4 game set in the Bronx and Chien Ming Wang returns to the Yankees starting rotation. Whatever the OVER is, TAKE IT AND TAKE IT WITH CONFIDENCE.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

True Romance

is the most underrated movie ever! In addition to the classic Sicilian scene, how can one NOT fall in love with Clarence and Alabama?

Other things that are underrated: Mulholland Drive, Monk, Adrian Gonzalez, Zooey Deschanel, the value of strong middle relief pitching, offensive linemen, chicken picatta, the brunette from Three's Company (zOMG she was sf hawt), Roy Halladay, water, and microwave dinners.

6/2 MLB Wrapup Part 2

- Dodgers score 5 in the 8th to stun the Snakes and rob Dan Haren out of another win.
- Paul Smith is out of his mind for saying that Lincecum > Johan in real baseball.

MLB 6/2 Recap

- Randy Wells takes a no-no into the 7th but the Cubs bullpen melts down and the Braves storm from behind to win 6-5 in extras.
- Doc Holliday K's 14 Angels en route to a Complete Game 6-4 win
- Johan Santana and Tim Lincecum both go down in defeat
- Apparently understanding how to run the bases is no longer something of importance in Major League Baseball. Watch Baseball Tonight to understand.
- Tensions rise in the House that Teixiera built as the Bronx Bombers stomp the AL West leading Rangers 12-3.
- Raul Ibanez (2), Joe Mauer, and Adrian Gonzalez all homer...sigh repost AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN.

Street of the Day

Bastanchury Road. Beginning at Malvern Ave. in Fullerton, and running just past Imperial Hwy. in Yorba Linda this is quite frankly the Ultimate street. Quiet, windy, with a speed limit of 50, you can travel down this perfect stretch of North Orange County at 45, and feel as if you are going double that. A street which never has traffic on it, it is the perfect getaway from other more widely know congested streets and highways in the area, and can provide a little scenic detour.

Notable landmarks: Coyote Hills Golf Course, The Summit House Restaurant

Epic Day on OT!

seriously for those of you who aren't already members, please check it out:


- 2 "New Girls"
- Bfactor's crazy serial killer thread and his new "admirer"
- Waco going crazy on everybody and challenging Syphon Soul to a 1K BBall match
- sketchy continuing his insane dangerzone reposting over and over again
- GLGL to all the OTers playing in the WSOP. TID ONE TIME!

Word Of the Day


Part of speech: noun
Language: English
Origin: marc1313's mind

(1) one who possesses SOB AND MF characteristics
(2) an extremely poor conductor of motor vehicles

Monday, June 1, 2009

6/1 MLB Wrapup: The Revenge of Bill Buckner

- The Dodgers get shut out by Bill Buckner.
- The Mets bullpen implodes against the Pirates
- Carlos Lee finally goes deep.
- Adrian Gonzalez hits his league leading 21st HR. ANY other team, ANY other park, and this man is a top 5 FBB player.

People who write on the Bathroom Walls

I don't know if/what girls write about, but I think that amongst guys who do this, it is a prerequisite that they have the IQ of a plant. That is all.

CSUF Baseball

Will be hosting Lousiville this weekend in the best of 3 Super Regionals for the right to advance to the College World Series. Get down to Goodwin Field this weekend fellow Titans and cheer them on to Omaha.

Game 1 Friday Night 7:30 pm
Game 2 Saturday Afternoon 2 pm
Game 3 (if necessary) Sunday Night 7 pm

The Hangover

Can't remember the last time I was this excited to see a comedy movie. Quite possibly the funniest trailer ever. Should be EPIC!

NBA Finals

So the matchup is set Lakers-Magic, and I'm contemplating purchasing a Dwight Howard jersey. Ohh how I miss the days of Nick Van Exel, Eddie Jones, Cedric Ceballos, Elden Campbell, and Vlade Divac. They could never beat the Spurs, or the Jazz, but those were MY LAKERS, whom I was proud to watch everyday, not just in the playoffs. I can't bring myself to root for Kobe or Shaq for their putting their selfish needs ahead of the team, and destroying a great team. Neither can I endorse this retarded new style of basketball that is all about 1 on 1 matchups instead of about teams working together to meet a common end (at least the LeBrons got bounced). Well I'll be rooting for team basketball, and hope the Magic can drain the 3 ball all the way to a title.


MLB Predictions/Analysis June 1 Edition

Another amazing month of the season concluded that began with the fall of yet another of the game's heroes. Some early surprises are starting to fade, the most exciting team in baseball (Texas) has the best record in the AL, the Dodgers are rolling along without Manny, and the cream is starting to rise to the top.

AL MVP: Torii Hunter. I know the Angels are at .500 and 4.5 games back of the Rangers, but Hunter is the ONLY REASON why the Angels aren't in last place and hopelessly out of the race. From his power bat (the only power threat in that lineup), veteran leadership, clutch hitting, and DAILY WEBGEM(S) (trust me as a Dodger fan it gets real old and really annoying really quickly) the man was not born on the planet earth.

HM: Teixiera, Bay, Mauer

AL Cy Young: Zack Greinke. A "rough" start yesterday to raise his ERA to 1.10 the man has still been redonkulously good so far this year.

AL ROY: Rick Porcello. For as hyped as Wieters and Price are, and as hot a start as Reimold has gotten off to, Porcello has pitched fantastically after a rough first few starts, and has absolutely devastating stuff. Kind of a dark horse/contrarian pick, but hopefully he will be this year's Liriano and lead my team to a FBB Championship.

AL MOY: Ron Washington and it's not even close.

NL MVP: Adrian Gonzalez. I never do this, picking MVP's from .500 teams, but AGon literally IS THE PADRES OFFENSE. They are at .500 but would easily be at least 10 games worse without him. Leading the league in homers with 20, playing half his games at Petco, and with ZERO protection in the lineup, it's time someone gave this man the praise and attention that he deserves.

NL Cy Young: Umm...that Johan guy is pretty good.

NL ROY: Jake Fox. The kid was absolutely destroying AAA putting up Video Game type numbers, and should start getting regular PT for the Cubbies.

NL MOY: Joe Torre. How can you argue against this one? The Dodgers are on a roll after Manny's suspension, and Joe has this young team believing that they can win without him.

Playoff Predictions

AL East: Sticking with my preseason pick of the Yankees. Too much firepower, and the Red Sox SP is still a major concern with me.

AL Central: I'm sticking with my preseason pick of the Twins. The M & M brothers are en fuego, the SP has been better since Mauer's return, and there's something that I just don't like about the Tigers.

AL West: Angels. They're finally healthy, and when their bats wake up, they should turn it around, and catch Texas, especially if Hamilton's injury is more serious than we're being led to believe.

AL Wild Card: Red Sox. For all their SP issues so far, and injury issues, this team just finds ways to win, they still have Papelbon at the end, and Jason Bay is making everyone forget about THE CHEATER.

NL East: Phillies. The Mets are really banged up, and although the Phillies SP is garbage beyond Hamels, they're going to score WAY too many runs for that to matter.

NL Central: Chicago Cubs. Just too much talent here for them to stay down for long. They'll hang around until the ASB, and then make a big 2nd half push once they get ARam back.

NL West: Dodgers. Torre has this team believing in themselves, Juan Pierre has done an admirable job not only on the field, but handling his post-Manny benching with class, professionalism, and never quitting his hard work-ethic. Chad Billingsley has become one of the best pitchers in baseball, and Jonathan Broxton has been the best closer in baseball up to this point.

NL Wild Card: Sticking with the Cardinals. Solid SP, the return of Ryan Ludwick, and THE BEST PLAYER IN THE GAME.

MLB Predictions made on May 1.

Whoops I think I got a little bit too excited about the Marlins. I still love their pitching and Josh Johnson is THE TRUTH, but yea I went a bit overboard there.

Well Ladies and Gentlemen,

The first month of baseball has concluded, and boy what a month it was. It began with a horrible tragedy that reminded us all, that when you drink, please please please designate a driver. RIP Nick Adenhart you will always be remembered.

AL MVP: Zack Greinke. I know some of you never give this award to a pitcher, but he’s leading not only the AL, but all of baseball, in the triple crown categories, and has the Royals in first place in the AL Central. This year’s Josh Hamilton, I cannot wait to see him pitch in Anaheim next weekend.

NL MVP: Albert Pujols. The best player in the game, and arguably the best hitter of this generation, is off to a torrid start and has the Cardinals in 1st place, and the best record in baseball.

AL Cy Young: Greinke.

NL Cy Young: Johan Santana. The best pitcher in the game over the last 5 years, is off to a tremendous start again, leading the NL in ERA, and K’s.

Biggest Surprise: (TIE) Florida Marlins and Toronto Blue Jays. Don’t expect the Jays to stay atop the AL East for very long. A decimated pitching staff, and a lineup full of players who are currently playing well beyond their potential will bring them back to earth, esp. with A Rod returning shortly. The Marlins on the other hand, do have the chance to stay atop or at least in contention late into the season. While they will experience some growing pains with all their young stars, and their bullpen situation is an absolute mess, their SP depth, led by Josh Johnson, combined with Cole Hamels’ injury, and the Mets beginning their collapse early this year, has me believing the Marlins might actually win the East.

Biggest Disappointment: New York Mets. So they fixed their one weakness, by signing Putz and Krod, but now their SP behind Johan has been abysmal, David Wright is striking out more often than I strike out with women, and the entire team outside of Johan is just out of sync. Their offense will turn it around, but if they can’t start getting QS out of their SP’s, the toll of their bullpen will begin to show, and they could inexplicably miss the playoffs AGAIN!

My Up to Date MLB Playoff Predictions

AL East: New York Yankees. Arod is coming back, Sabathia and Teixiera always start slow, and Phillip Hughes may finally be healthy for a whole season. As much as I hate them, the Evil Empire is going to win 100 games this season.

AL Central: Minnesota Twins. I’m sticking with my preseason prediction. In this wide open division, the Twins’ plethora of solid young arms, Mauer’s reurn, a steady dose of high upside young talent, and a lights out closer makes them my favorite over the again White Sox.

AL West: Anaheim Angels. Their SP’s are all coming back, they will right the bullpen situation, and their offense is en fuego. More importantly, this is a truly terrible division, where the Angels will probably be the only team to finish above .500.

AL Wild Card: Boston Red Sox. Way too much explosiveness throughout the lineup. Jason Bay WILL have an MVP caliber season. They do need Dice K to come back and be effective, as their SP has been shaky, and they really need Masterson back in the pen.

NL East: Philadephia Phillies if Cole Hamels can stay healthy. Florida Marlins if not. Read above for my take on the Marlins. The Phillies are going to set records for runs scored this year, but really need Hamels to bring some stability to a very unstable rotation.

NL Central: Chicago Cubs. The Cards are off to a great start, and I think the balance in their rotation will keep them close, but the Cubs are way too complete of a team to lose the division.

NL West: Los Angeles Dodgers. Still some major concerns about the back end of their rotation, and their bullpen, but with Webb out for at least another month, and the Giants’ anemic offense and shaky pen, the Dodgers are the class of the NL West.

NL Wild Card: St. Louis Cardinals. The Marlins, Mets, and Phillies are going to beat up on each other, and the Cards will have 2 very bad, and 2 mediocre teams to beat up on in the Central. Pujols and Ludwick are one of the best 1-2 combo’s in baseball, and they will win the wild card, despite LaRussa’s ineptness.

MLB Preseason Predictions

Just wanted to post this, to track how well I fare across the season.

Marc's 2009 MLB Preview

As I do every year, I'm here to breakdown and predict anything and everything for the 2009 MLB season. Enjoy, and look for a 2009 fantasy baseball preview, next week, after all my fantasy baseball drafts have been concluded.

AL East: New York Yankees. Obv. the toughest division to pick. In fact, near impossible to pick one of the top 3. Even with ARod out to start the season, the additions of Tex, CC, and Burnett, plus a healthy Chien Ming Wang and Joba finally inserted as a full-time starter make the Evil Empire the team to beat. They are too deep on all levels.

AL Central: Minnesota Twins. A very wide open division with no clear cut favorite. If the Twins can get 30 starts out of Liriano, I think their phethora of young studs at SP, and of course having Joe Nathan to close games gives them the edge over the Sox and Tigers.

AL West: Anaheim Angels. Holliday/Giambi/Cust is a formidale 3-4-5 and the A's always find a way to produce great pitching out of nowhere, but no team in baseball is better built to win in the regular season than the Angels.

AL WC: Boston Red Sox. Tampa actually is better on paper imo, but Boston just finds ways to win games, and they'll do it again this year.

AL Sleeper: Kansas City Royals. Greinke/Meche is a solid 1-2, with some decent young arms to fill out the rotation. Soria is quite possibly the most underrated player in all of baseball. They added Coco and Jacobs to a lineup that can really score some runs if/when Butler and Gordon reach their full potential. And don't sleep on what would be my AL ROY pick, but i think he played too many games last year, their SS Mike Aviles who if you need a decent SS will give you a good 5 category line.

AL MVP: Mark Teixiera. With A Fraud out to start the season, Tex will have to pick up the load, and in that lineup is sure to have a career year and help lead the Yanks to a divisional title.

AL Cy Young: Roy Halladay. The man is an absolute innings eater. Yes wins might be at a premium in the AL East, but his IP, K rates, ERA, and win totals have all been increasing the last few years, and he is due for a MONSTER CYA season.

AL ROY: David Price. Wieters might be the trendy pick, but there is still no word on whether or not he will start the year in the majors, ala Longoria last season. Price is absolutely sick as we all saw in the playoffs last year.

NL East: New York Mets. Putz + KRod= GG everyone else.

NL Central: Chicago Cubs. Great SP depth in a division that is pretty void of that, and a healthy and under control Milton Bradley is an absolute terror at the plate in addition to an already explosive and dynamic offense that can beat you in many different ways.

NL West: Los Angeles Dodgers. Obv. Manny and Furcal need to stay healthy and the former happy as well. Clayton Kershaw is going to be this year's Lincecum, Kemp, Ethier, and Loney are all getting more experienced and are due to reach their full potential. The SP depth is still thin, Broxton needs to be able to better locate his off speed pitches, and we need another left handed reliever if and when Kuo becomes the set up man, but in a weak division, the Dodgers are the clear front runners.

NL Wild Card: Philadephia Phillies. Look for a HUGE year from Raul Ibanez as he moves to the short porch at Citizens Bank. Way too much power, and a lights out bullpen for anyone else in the NL to even challenge the Phils.

NL Sleeper: Painful to say but the San Francisco Giants. Lincecum/Cain/Johnson, and Jonathan Sanchez is absolutely filthy when he can find the strikezone. The addition of Renteria and rising stars like Sandoval and Fred Lewis and the Giants can compete if the Dodgers struggle with injuries or the dark side of Manny being Manny.

NL MVP: David Wright. The best player on the best team.

NL Cy Young: Tim Lincecum. Strikeout king, sub 3 era, and 18-5 on a terrible team. Despite his funky mechanics the kid is flat out unhittable when he's on his game.

NL ROY: Well he's not ROY eligible but in the absence of one guy I can really think of, remember the name Chris Volstad.

World Series Prediction: DODGERS BEAT THE YANKEES IN 6.


To those of you who actually took the time to come and visit me, thank you. Here you will find my daily thoughts about real baseball, fantasy baseball, other sports, totally random things that I think of/happen to me, and much much more. I hope that you all enjoy.

- Marc