Wednesday, April 7, 2010

LOL Dodgers!

Pathetic, absolutely pathetic! I'm not going to talk for too long, because all it's going to do is make me more upset.

- 22 runners left on base in 2 game...anti-clutch FTW! Runner at 3rd with nobody out in the 9th for the top of the order, and we fail to bring him in. Rafael Furcal needs to get it together, or Torre needs to consider a Kemp/hot hand/Ethier/Ramirez/Loney lineup. While I'd hate to have Kemp's RBI potential leading off, a leadoff hitter MUST be the sparkplug to start the order, get on, drive pitchers nuts, and set things up for the big guys, and Furcal wasn't cutting it last year, had an awful spring, and does not look right.
- Two disgusting starting pitching performances...Kersh really really needs to find his control this season, or our bullpen is going to be dead by August.
- God Awful Atrocious Defense! Bats slump, pitchers slump, but defense should never slump!

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