Thursday, December 1, 2011


To Ashley, the newest recipient of "Woman" status. Even though you are a Domer (Notre Dame fan), your fandom of both the Dodgers and Chiefs is most welcome regardless of the season as I am surrounded by Angels, Chargers, and Fader fans.

At this time, the moderator finds it necessary to explain the origin of "WOMAN"! So several alcohol-fueled years ago the moderator's two most frequently-seen female friends were named Heather and Hillary. On the rare occasions when the moderator had had one too many drinks, he would confuse the two names- i.e. call Heather- Hillary, and call Hillary-Heather. This would infuriate both of them, and they would yell, scream, and get mad at the poor helpless moderator. One day, he fucked their names up, and they were bitching at him, giving him shit, and he had had enough. He just blurted out: "WOMAN! SHUT THE FUCK UP" or something like that. Anyways, the "Woman" part stuck and has become a term of endearment because the moderator always has their back no matter what. Morgan, Natalie, and now Ashley have since achieved Woman status.

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