Monday, December 5, 2011

Matt Barkley

WHAT AN ABSOLUTE FUCKING JOKE that he doesn't get at least an invite to New York! He beat Oregon, went toe to toe with Luck (SC losing was 0% his fault), and his stats were better than Luck's and just as good as RG3's. I agree with Richardson and Ball going, but Mathieu who isn't even the best CB on his OWN team going over Barkley is an absolute travesty and further proof of a disturbing pro-SEC/anti Pac-12 bias. There's no doubt that Richardson is going to win, no fucking doubt.

Other CFB travesties
- that the Big Least still gets an automatic BCS bowl bid
- that there is still no playoff system
- Gundy getting screwed. I was on the Alabama over Ok St bangwagon until Gundy dismantling Joklahoma on Saturday. They deserve their shot and aren't getting it. At least Gundy vs. Luck will be one hell of an awesome consolation prize.

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